“Urgent need”: Catholic Bishops in Mozambique on Promoting Biblical Pastoral Care

Members of the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique (CEM) with the First Lady of the country. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Catholic Bishops in Mozambique have emphasized the “urgent need” to promote Biblical Pastoral care in the Southern African nation. 

In a statement issued at the end of their May 17-21 National Pastoral Assembly, members of the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique (CEM) say it is important for Mozambicans to encounter Jesus Christ who is the Word of God. 

“Today there is an urgent need to promote Biblical Pastoral Care, not as one pastoral among others, but as the transversal axis that energizes the other pastoral ministries,” the Bishops say in the statement signed by CEM President, Archbishop Inácio Saúre of Nampula Archdiocese.

CEM members add, “It is necessary to ensure that the activities of all sectors, communities and movements have at heart a personal and communitarian encounter with Christ.”

An encounter with the person of Jesus Christ in the scriptures makes the Biblical pastoral care “one of the privileged mediations for pastoral work as a whole,” the Catholic Bishops say in the statement shared with ACI Africa Tuesday, May 23.


CEM members say that during their meeting, the need to rediscover the Word of God was pointed out as the key to revitalizing the Church in Mozambique.

Rediscovering the Word of God will also enable the Church “to carry out its mission of evangelization and human promotion in today's world, which thirsts for God and His word of faith, hope, and charity,” they say.

In the statement following the National Pastoral Assembly realized under the theme, “Revive the Announcement and the Witness of the Word of God Today”, CEM members also emphasize the need for Christians to unite in the proclamation of God’s Word.

“The proclamation of the Word becomes perfect when disciples and apostles work together. The mission is communitarian and does not admit any individualism,” they say.

The Catholic Church leaders add, “Jesus wanted His apostles to constitute a particular group, but not to give them privileges to the detriment of the common mission of all His disciples.”

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