Foster Catholic Identity: Archbishop in Angola to Archdiocesan Institutions of Learning

Archbishop Luzizila Kiala of Malanje Archdiocese in Angola. Credit: Vatican Media

Archbishop Luzizila Kiala of Malanje Archdiocese in Angola has called upon students and administrative staff of Catholic institutions of learning in his Metropolitan See to foster a Catholic identity and Christian values.

In his Wednesday, September 13 homily during a Holy Mass to mark the start of the new academic year, Archbishop Kiala said, “Everyone should be able to perceive in the Catholic schools the likeness of Jesus Christ, the master who today and always walks the roads of history, the only perfect teacher and man, in whom all human values find their full appreciation.”

“From the first day of entering a Catholic school, the student should receive the impression of being in a new environment, illuminated by the light of faith, in an environment honored by the evangelical spirit of charity and freedom,” the Angolan Catholic Bishop said during the Eucharistic celebration that was held at Our Lady of Assumption Parish of Malanje Archdiocese.

Archbishop Kiala added, “Catholic Schools have a duty to educate society in the values that guide respect for human dignity, justice, tolerance, love for others, freedom, truth, the common good and solidarity.”

“Education should form free and critical people capable of using their freedom responsibly,” the Catholic Archbishop of Malanje said, adding, “All education must educate for friendship, for fraternity, for peace and for solidarity.”


He pointed out that “in today's world, education is not just a right, but a fundamental need and an indispensable condition for personal and community development.” 

“Education is the duty of the family, society and the Church. It is a broader process that consists of helping the learner to develop their talents and abilities in order to achieve their fulfillment as a human being,” Archbishop Kiala said.

In his speech at the end of Holy Mass, the director of the Malanje Provincial Education Office, Manuel Osório, highlighted the significant contribution of the Catholic Church to education in the Southern African nation. 

Mr. Osório said, “The Catholic Church has helped significantly in the process of enrolling our students in the different subsystems; today in the province of Malanje we have Catholic schools that teach from primary school to the second cycle of secondary education.”

“This partnership has borne much fruit because the Angolan state alone would not solve the problem, which is the result of the demand we have in our country related to the birth rate,” he said.

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João Vissesse contributed in the writing of this story

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