Scouting “an excellent way of building Christian, social life”: Catholic Bishop in Angola

Bishop Belmiro Cuica Chissengueti of Angola’s Cabinda Diocese. Credit: Radio Ecclesia

Scouting is key in building an all-round individual and a better society, the Bishop of Angola’s Cabinda Diocese has said, noting that those in the scouting movement contribute to the building of a strong Christian and social life.

Addressing members of the Angolan National Scouting Movement in his Episccopal See on November 5,Bishop Belmiro Cuica Chissengueti said that anyone who starts off in the scouting movement shows a high sense of commitment in various aspects of their life.

“Scouting is the best youth movement in the world and anyone who begins a life of committed scouting feels the results in every aspect of their life, both organizationally and in terms of faith, sharing, friendship and solidarity,” Bishop Chissengueti said. 

He added, “Scouting is one of the most important ways of building a new world. Our founder made this idea very clear, establishing in his principles love of God, love of country and love of neighbor as the foundations for understanding scout life.”

 “It is an excellent way of building Christian and social life,” the Angolan member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CSSp.), also known as the Spiritans or Holy Ghost Fathers said.


“We have a responsibility to instill in children, adolescents and young people, especially in a world of socio-anthropological and cultural change, as well as economic and social change, where the foundations of the modern world, which in the recent past were based on faith, are tending to be destroyed by rampant secularization, which, if not stopped and mitigated with training, runs the risk of man becoming an animal again and returning to pre-Christian barbarism,” Bishop Chissengueti said.

One of the main foundations of scouting is formation, the Bishop of Cabinda Diocese said, noting that it is the responsibility of the Episcopal Commission he leads to help form young people, “through the commitment we make to be formed as leaders.”

“We assume responsibility for helping to form young people, through the commitment we make to be formed as leaders, but there are elements that are non-negotiable, namely the concrete identity in which we carry out our scouting life,” he said.

The Angolan Bishop who also serves as as the president of the Episcopal Commission for youth, university ministry and Scouting of the Bishops' Conference of Angola and São Tomé and Príncipe (CEAST)  described scouting as “an indispensable element in the construction of the good citizen.”

He called on scouts in his Episcopal See to pay special attention to better monitoring of scouting in Cabinda.

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“We can't enjoy the beauty of scouting if we don't get to know it, as we saw in the training we had, the task of the scouts is not just to arrange chairs or organize meetings or even celebrations. It goes deeper than that,” Bishop Chissengueti said.

He continued, “When they do these services, they are exercising what is their vocation. But enjoying the knowledge of Scout life makes our ministry sweeter. That's why, dear assistants, it's your responsibility to accompany, guide, be present and not hinder the path of children and young people, as disinterested patrons of their growth.” 

João Vissesse is an Angolan Journalist with a passion and rich experience in Catholic Church Communication and Media Apostolate.