2020 elections

Regional Council and Local Authority Elections scheduled for November 25 in Namibia. / Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN).

Elect Leaders Who Foster Human Values, Bishops in Namibia Tell Eligible Voters

Oct 2, 2020

Ahead of the November 2020 elections in Namibia, Catholic Bishops in the Southern Africa country have called on eligible Namibian voters to consider voting in candidates who are part of political entities that foster human values rather than mere “deep-felt loyalties.”

Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops in Ghana on Politics for Nation Building and Social Cohesion in Ghana

Clergy in Ghana Told to Desist from Political Predictions ahead of National Elections

Aug 11, 2020

Every Ghanaian has a role to play in ensuring free, fair, peaceful and transparent elections slated for December, according to Catholic Bishops in the west Africa country who have issued a pastoral letter, cautioning the Clergy to desist from engaging in political predictions ahead of the poll.

Flag of Ivory Coast, where elections are expected in October 2020

“The misfortune of Ivory Coast is its politicians”: Ivorian Missionary Cleric

Jan 10, 2020

With elections in the West African nation of Ivory Coast slated to take place later this year amid heightened tensions following the arrest warrant issued for one of the presidential candidates, a missionary cleric, a native of the country, has blamed politicians for the challenges bedeviling citizens.

Flag of Burundi

Burundi Bishops’ Concerns about 2020 Elections Infuriate Government, Calls for Defrocking

Sep 24, 2019

The concerns, which the Catholic Bishops of Burundi have raised regarding the general elections in their country slated to take place next year, have infuriated the government, with some high-ranking officials calling for the Bishops to be deprived of their ecclesiastical status, various international media have reported.