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Civil, Faith-based Entities in Africa Denounce “forceful eviction” of Maasais in Tanzania

Nov 5, 2022

Civil and Faith-based organizations with presence in Africa are against the unilateral decision of the Government of Tanzania to evict the Maasai from their ancestral land within Conservancy Areas in the Northern part of the country.

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On Earth Day 2022, Faith Leaders in Africa Call for Increased Investment in Agroecology

Apr 22, 2022

On the annual International Mother Earth Day observed April 22, representatives of various Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) and Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs) in Africa have called for increased investment in agroecology to guarantee sustainable food systems on the continent.

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Implement Strong, Justice Mechanisms to Tackle Exploitation in Africa: Catholic Entities

Feb 26, 2022

Officials of various Catholic entities with presence in Africa are calling for the establishment of “strong and effective mechanisms” that would allow easy access to justice in cases where foreign large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) violate the rights of Africans. 

Credit: Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN)

African Governments’ Laxity in Negotiating UN Treaty on Transnationals Worrying: Religious

Jan 16, 2022

The laxity of African governments at the negotiations of the UN Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights (LBI) that started in 2014 is a matter of concern for women and men Religious with presence in Africa and Europe. 

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Religious Missionaries in Africa, Europe Want “just, inclusive post COVID-19 recovery”

Jun 25, 2020

Religious men and women with presence in Africa and Europe have, in a collective statement, expressed the need for a recovery plan that goes beyond food security, debt cancellation, and dialogue around capital investments.