Catholic art

A painting by Italian master Caravaggio titled “Ecce Homo” is pictured at the Prado museum in Madrid, Spain, on May 27, 2024. / Credit: PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP via Getty Images

Lost Masterpiece of Christ Now on Display: "One of the greatest discoveries in the history of art"

May 29, 2024

The lost painting by Caravaggio was recently rediscovered and is now on display at the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain.

Vatican Dicastery for Communications prefect Paolo Ruffini and Vatican Secretary-General Sister Raffaella Petrini inaugurate the photographic exhibition titled “Changes” on May 7, 2024, in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican. / Credit: Elizabeth Alva/EWTN News

Vatican Opens Photographic Exhibition on Effects of Climate Change

May 11, 2024

A photographic exhibition titled “Changes” opened this week in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, showcasing the effects of climate change and the creative work of God.

The Vatican Museums. | Daniel Ibáñez/CNA.

Claims of Phony Vatican Art Licensing "scheme" Draw Strong Denials

Dec 20, 2022

An Italian publishing house involved in immersive art exhibitions has denied an American attorney’s claim that it is wrongly presenting itself as a broker for licensing the use of Vatican art.