COVID-19 vaccine

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Catholic Priest in Zimbabwe Facilitating COVID-19 Vaccine Access to Vulnerable Persons

Aug 19, 2021

A Catholic Priest serving in Zimbabwe’s Harare Archdiocese is facilitating COVID-19 vaccine access to vulnerable persons, including the elderly, through a vaccination center set up at the New Highfield Roman Catholic Church.

Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square on Oct. 22, 2016. Credit: Mazur/

Pope Francis Calls for Suspension of COVID-19 Vaccine Patents in ‘Vax Live’ Concert Video

May 9, 2021

Pope Francis called for the "temporary suspension of intellectual property rights" for COVID-19 vaccines in his video message to the "Vax Live" concert co-chaired by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Archbishop, Clergy, Religious in Zimbabwe’s Harare Archdiocese Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Mar 27, 2021

The Archbishop, members of the Clergy, women Religious in Zimbabwe’s Archdiocese of Harare have been inoculated against COVID-19.

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Cardinal Says Vatican Employees Could Lose Jobs for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

Feb 18, 2021

In a decree issued earlier this month, the cardinal who heads the Vatican City State said that employees who refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when deemed necessary for their work could face penalties up to termination of employment.

Bishop Peter Holiday of South Africa's Kroonstad Diocese / Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC)

To Get COVID-19 Vaccine, Individual “to make that choice”: Bishop in South Africa

Feb 15, 2021

A Catholic Bishop has asked South Africans to make a personal decision on whether or not they want to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Pope Francis greets Pope emeritus Benedict XVI at the Vatican’s Mater Ecclesiae Monastery on Nov. 28, 2020. Credit: Vatican Media.

Benedict XVI to be Vaccinated against Coronavirus “as soon as the vaccine is available”

Jan 12, 2021

Pope emeritus Benedict XVI will receive the coronavirus vaccine as soon as it is available, his personal secretary said Tuesday.

Pope Francis in the apostolic library on Dec. 9, 2020. Credit: Vatican News/CNA.

We Need Unity in the Catholic Church, Society, and Nations: Pope Francis

Jan 10, 2021

In the face of political discord and self-interest, we have an obligation to promote unity, peace, and the common good in society and in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis said Sunday.

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Vatican City Set to Launch COVID-19 Vaccinations This Month

Jan 3, 2021

Coronavirus vaccines are scheduled to arrive in Vatican City next week, according to the Vatican director of health and hygiene.

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Vatican COVID-19 Commission Promotes Vaccine Access for the Vulnerable

Dec 29, 2020

The Vatican’s COVID-19 commission said Tuesday it is working to help promote fair access to the coronavirus vaccine, especially for those who are most vulnerable.