Diocese of Bangassou

New Bishop of CAR's Diocese of Mbaiki, Jesús Ruiz Molina, MMCJ / Catholic Diocese of Osma-Soria, Spain

Auxiliary Bishop in CAR Appointed Local Ordinary of Country’s Mbaiki Diocese

Mar 10, 2021

Pope Francis has appointed the Auxiliary Bishop of Bangassou Diocese in the Central African Republic (CAR), Comboni Missionary Jesús Ruiz Molina, as the new Local Ordinary of the country’s Mbaiki Diocese.

Bishop Juan José Aguirre Muñoz of CAR's Diocese of Bangassou. / Aid to the Church in Need (ACN)

CAR Bishop Says Part of His Jurisdiction “has fallen into the hands of rebels”

Jan 4, 2021

A Bishop in the Central African Republic (CAR) has said that a section of his Diocese is in the hands of rebels.