Diocese of Laghouat

Bishop John MacWilliams, of Algeria's Diocese of Laghouat

Why Africa’s Largest Diocese Has Only 12 Priests, All Non-native

Dec 27, 2020

At slightly over 2 million square kilometers, the Diocese of Laghouat, located in the Southern part of Algeria, is the largest diocese in Africa and arguably one of the largest dioceses in the world, only rivalled by the Catholic Diocese of Irkutsk in Russia, which measures 9.96 million square kilometers.

Bishop John MacWilliams of Algeria's Laghouat Diocese

Not Much Change for Algeria’s Church amid COVID-19

Apr 4, 2020

In a country where the faithful go for months without celebrating Holy Mass due to a shortage of Priests, the Church in Algeria is experiencing very little disruption owing to the spread of COVID-19 that has forced worshippers in many parts of the world to miss Mass.