Synod on Synodality delegates meet in round table discussion groups Oct. 21, 2023. | Credit: Vatican Media

The Synod on Synodality’s Listening "method" Comes from the Jesuits

Oct 24, 2023

Synod on Synodality delegates in Rome this month are participating in a “conversation in the Spirit,” a method of communal discernment.

Pope Francis gives his Angelus address June 29, 2023. | Credit: Vatican Media

Pope Francis: Discernment Helps us Find the Gems among the Junk

Jul 30, 2023

Pope Francis on Sunday encouraged Christians to learn how to seek and find the precious things in life, including a relationship with Christ and others.

Pope Francis gives his message during the weekly general audience in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall on Jan. 4, 2023 | Daniel Ibanez/CNA

Benedict XVI Brought us to "encounter with Jesus": Pope Francis

Jan 4, 2023

Benedict XVI “always wanted to accompany us in the encounter with Jesus,” Pope Francis said at the start of his weekly public audience on Wednesday.

Pope Francis speaking at the general audience at the Vatican, Dec. 14, 2022 | Daniel Ibáñez / CNA

Pope Francis: Remain Vigilant Against Pride and "well-mannered demons"

Dec 14, 2022

Pope Francis encouraged Christians Wednesday to be vigilant against spiritual pride and the temptations of “well-mannered demons.”

General audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican, Dec. 7, 2022 | Daniel Ibáñez / CNA

Pope Francis: Freedom is Found in Offering to God What is Hardest to Give Up

Dec 7, 2022

Pope Francis spoke Wednesday about how freeing it can be to let go of the things that we are most attached to in life and place them in God’s “benevolent hands.”

Pope Francis arriving for the general audience on St. Peter's Square, Oct. 26, 2022 | Daniel Ibáñez / CNA

"Lazy, tepid, sad": Pope Francis Explains How Desolation Can be Turned to Good

Oct 26, 2022

Pope Francis explained on Wednesday how times of spiritual desolation — described by St. Ignatius of Loyola as feelings of unquiet, temptation, sadness — can also help bring us closer to God.

Pope Francis delivered his Angelus address on 18 September 2022. | Vatican Media.

Pope Francis Announces Decision to Extend Synod on Synodality to 2024

Oct 16, 2022

Pope Francis announced on Sunday that the Synod on Synodality will be extended to 2024.  

Pope Francis speaking on St. Peter's Square, Vatican, Oct. 12, 2022 | Daniel Ibáñez / CNA

Pope Francis: Desire Points Our Discernment in the Right Direction

Oct 12, 2022

At his public audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis spoke about the role desire plays in spiritual discernment, comparing it to a compass that points one in the right direction.

Pope Francis greeting pilgrims at St. Peter's Square 05 October 2022. Credit:  Daniel Ibáñez / CNA

Pope Francis Shares a Spiritual Life Hack: Know the ‘passwords’ of Your Heart

Oct 5, 2022

Pope Francis shared a spiritual life hack for discernment at his general audience on Wednesday.

Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square on September 28. Credit: Pablo Esparza/CNA

Pope Francis: The First Element of Discernment is Prayer

Sep 28, 2022

Prayer is the first element of discernment, Pope Francis said in his general audience message on Wednesday.

Pope Francis greeting pilgrims and visitors to the weekly general audience on Aug. 31, 2022. Daniel Ibáñez / CNA

Pope Launches New Catechesis Series on Discernment, Says It’s "indispensable for living"

Aug 31, 2022

“God invites us to evaluate and choose: He created us free and wants us to exercise our freedom. For this reason, discernment is demanding,” Pope Francis said.

Seminarians / wideonet/Shutterstock

Discerning in, and discerning out: What happens when seminarians leave?

Dec 31, 2019

Catholic journalists know that discernment stories are popular because they give readers hope. And they often follow a pattern: They usually include a “God moment” in which the subject, through a dramatic circumstance, hears the word of God and finds with sparkling clarity the call to become a cleric or religious. They end with ordination or follow final vows.