"Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist" will be shown in theaters June 18-26, 2024. / Credit: "Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist"

Release of “Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist” Film Extended from Two Days to June 18-26

Jun 18, 2024

The new film “Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist” scored big at the box office, grossing $2,141,273 and landing at the No. 1 spot in per screen average.

Jim Wahlberg speaks to CNA in an interview ahead of the premiere of the new film "Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist" in Orange County, California. / Credit: Alexis Walkenstein

Mother Teresa “was sent there for me”: A Producer on New Film on Journey to Rediscover importance of the Eucharist

May 20, 2024

“Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist” is a new film co-produced by Jim Wahlberg that helps viewers rediscover the importance of the Eucharist.

Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist will be shown in theaters June 4, 5, and 6, 2024. / Credit: Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist

New film "Jesus Thirsts" Shows Transformative Power of the Eucharist

Mar 25, 2024

“Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist” will take viewers on a journey to rediscover and revive the importance of the Eucharist.

Credit: Carlos Perez via Cathopic

Vatican Doctrine Office Encourages Single Mothers to Receive Communion after Confession

Dec 14, 2023

The Vatican’s doctrine office published a letter on Thursday confirming that single mothers can receive Communion after going to confession.

Pope John Paul II in 1996. | Vatican Media

15 Quotes from St. John Paul II on His Love for the Eucharist

Oct 22, 2023

Catholics worldwide remember St. John Paul II on his feast day, Oct. 22. His “secret” to life and all that he did, he said, was the Eucharist.

Credit: Loves the other way around / Cathopic

“Miracles of the Eucharist” Theme for 2023 International Week of Prayer and Fasting

Oct 15, 2023

The 31st annual International Week of Prayer and Fasting for our nation, leaders, families, and the Church will take place Oct. 20-28.

Eucharistic adoration following the pope's Corpus Christi Mass June 14, 2020. | Vatican Media/CNA.

Pope Francis: The Eucharist Can Fill "the wounds and voids produced by sin"

Aug 25, 2023

Jesus’ healing presence in the Eucharist can “fill with tenderness” the voids and wounds produced by sin in individual lives and in society, Pope Francis said Friday.

Assumption of the Virgin Mary, fresco painting in San Petronio Basilica in Bologna, Italy. | Zvonimir Atletic / Shutterstock.

The Fascinating History of the Feast of Mary’s Assumption

Aug 15, 2023

On Aug. 15, Catholics around the world mark the solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, commemorating the end of her earthly life and assumption into heaven.

Sidney de Almeida / Shutterstock

A New Eucharistic Miracle in Latin America?

Jul 21, 2023

The first bishop of the Diocese of Gracias in Honduras, Walter Guillén Soto, has recognized a new eucharistic miracle that occurred a year ago in a rural parish in the small town of San Juan.

Daniel Ibáñez/CNA

This is Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for July 2023

Jul 3, 2023

“If you are the same at the end of Mass as you were at the beginning, something is wrong,” the pope said in a video shared by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network on July 3.

WYD Sydney - July 15 - 20, 2008 / Vatican Media

Benedict XVI Describes "protestantization" of the Eucharist in Posthumous Publication

Feb 8, 2023

Pope Benedict XVI’s essay on the Eucharist is part of a series of texts the pope emeritus wrote after his resignation in 2013.

Eucharistic adoration following Pope Francis' Corpus Christi Mass on June 14, 2020. | Vatican Media.

Pope Francis: "It is good to adore in silence before the Most Blessed Sacrament"

Oct 23, 2022

It is good to “waste time adoring” Christ present in the Holy Eucharist, Pope Francis said on Saturday.

Pope Francis prays at Italy's National Eucharistic Congress in Matera, Italy on 25 September 2022. Credit: Vatican Media

Pope Francis: The Eucharist Teaches us to Adore God Rather than Ourselves

Sep 25, 2022

Pope Francis traveled to the ancient Italian city of Matera, where he urged thousands of people gathered in a soccer stadium for Sunday Mass to "rediscover" Eucharistic adoration.

Pope Francis waves to crowds gathered in St. Peter's Square on June 19, 2022, on Corpus Christi Sunday. Vatican Media

Let Jesus Christ Feed the Hungers of Your Life, Pope Francis Says on Corpus Christi

Jun 19, 2022

The pope also prayed for the upcoming World Meeting of Families, and for peace in Myanmar and Ukraine.

Pope Francis arrives at the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, Hungary on Sept. 12, 2021. Vatican Media

Pope Francis at International Eucharistic Congress: "Let's make time for Adoration"

Sep 12, 2021

Pope Francis is the first pope to attend an International Eucharistic Congress since the year 2000.

Nigerian Cardinal John Onaiyekan speaks at the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 9, 2021. Daniel Ibáñez/CNA.

The Eucharist Should Not Be Received Unworthily: Nigerian cardinal at Eucharistic Congress

Sep 9, 2021

Cardinal Onaiyekan said it is ‘the duty of pastors to make access to confession easily available.’

Pope Francis greets pilgrims during the Angelus on July 25, 2021. Vatican Media/CNA

Do Not Water Down Truth of the Eucharist: Pope Francis to Catholics

Aug 22, 2021

Pope Francis encouraged Catholics to not water down the teaching that the Eucharist is Jesus’ Body and Blood.

Pope Francis waves during his Angelus address at the Vatican, Aug. 8, 2021. Vatican Media.

Jesus’ Bread of Life discourse Renews “our amazement for gift of Eucharist”: Pope Francis

Aug 8, 2021

‘God became man for me, for you, for all of us, to enter into our lives,’ the pope said.

Pope Francis celebrates Corpus Christi Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, June 6, 2021./ Screenshot from Vatican News YouTube channel.

Pope Francis on Corpus Christi: ‘We need to enlarge our hearts’

Jun 7, 2021

Pope Francis said Sunday that we need to “enlarge our hearts” to truly appreciate the gift of the Eucharist.

Pope Francis waves from the window of the Apostolic Palace on Feb. 7, 2021./ Vatican Media/CNA.

Pope Francis Applauds Beatification of Monks Who Died Protecting the Eucharist

Apr 18, 2021

In his Regina Coeli address Sunday, Pope Francis applauded the beatification of six Cistercian monks who were martyred while trying to protect the Eucharist from desecration by French soldiers in 1799.