Forceful State Evictions

Credit: Sant’Egidio Community in Ivory Coast

Lay Catholic Entity in Ivory Coast Urges “greater humanity” in Forceful Evictions

Mar 3, 2024

Members of Sant’Egidio Community in Ivory Coast, who are part of the Rome-based Lay Catholic association dedicated to the provision of social services and arbitrating conflicts, Sant’Egidio Community, are urging authorities in the West African nation to demonstrate care for humanity in the process of evicting citizens from high risk zones.

The flag of Mozambique. Credit: Public Domain

Catholic Peace Entity Reports Forceful State Evictions amid Militant Attacks in Mozambique

Jun 13, 2021

Catholic peace and charity organization, Denis Hurley Peace Initiative (DHPI), has reported the increasing forceful displacement of people who are already dealing with militant attacks in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado region.