Fr. George Ehusani

Fr. George Ehusani, delivering his presentation during the 2022 National Scientific Conference of the Nigerian Association of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists. Credit: Nigeria Catholic Network

Many Nigerians Suffering “undiagnosed, untreated psycho-trauma”: Catholic Priest

Dec 2, 2022

Many Nigerians are suffering psycho-trauma that remains “undiagnosed and untreated”, a Catholic Priest in the West African nation has said. 

Fr. George Ehusani. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Prioritize “faith commitment” Over Fundraising Drives: Nigerian Priest to Church Leaders

Oct 2, 2022

There is need to prioritize commitment to Christian faith over fundraising initiatives in the Catholic Church in Nigeria, a Catholic Priest in the West African nation has said.

Fr. George Ehusani (2nd from left), flanked on the left by Fr. Andrew Otu (Head of Department of Spiritual Theology), on the right by Fr. Cajetan Ani (Editor of the Pastoral and Spiritual Theology Journal, published by Catholic Institute of West Africa - CIWA), and one other participant at the Symposium on "Psycho-Spiritual Integration" at CIWA in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, on 24 May 2022. Credit: Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA)

Nigeria Needs a Stronger Psycho-Spiritual Support System: Founder of Catholic Entity

May 30, 2022

Everyone in Nigeria needs psycho-spiritual support owing to the country’s political and economic instability that has plunged the population into depression and other forms of mental challenges, the founder of the Psycho-Spiritual Institute (PSI) has said. 

Fr. George Ehusani of Nigeria’s Lokoja Diocese, blessing some children during Holy Mass. Credit: Fr. George Ehusani/

Catholic Priest’s Psycho-Spiritual Initiative Seeks to Address Growing Trauma in Nigeria

Aug 5, 2021

Nigerians in the Northern part of the West African nation and other regions of the country that are experiencing militant attacks are traumatized, a Catholic Priest who spearheaded an institute that provides psycho-spiritual support for victims of religious extremism in the country has told ACI Africa.

Fr. George Ehusani of Nigeria’s Lokoja Diocese, the Executive Director and Lead Faculty of the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation
Credit: Fr. George Ehusani/

How Sympathizers in Nigeria’s High-ranking Positions are Stalling Fight against Militants

Jul 23, 2021

Boko Haram sympathizers and other people who support the ideology of having Nigeria as an Islamic State are stalling the fight against militants in the West African country, an award-winning Catholic expert in the country has told ACI Africa.