Fr. Victor Mbuthia

Fr. Victor Mbuthia (left) during the 2023 MYM annual Archdiocesan Mass. Credit: ACI Africa

Kenya’s Nairobi Catholic Archdiocese Strategize “maximum transition” to Address Declining Youth Numbers

Apr 20, 2024

The number of young people across different age groups has been on a decline in Kenya’s Archdiocese of Nairobi (ADN), an official of the Archdiocese has said, noting that the Archdiocese is implementing strategies to ensure that young people do not abandon the Church.

Fr. Victor Mbuthia, Chaplain of Missionary Youth Movement (MYM) preaching during the Archdiocesan Mass at St. Mary's Msongari ground in Kenya's Nairobi Archdiocese. Credit: ACI Africa

Come to Terms with Personal “internal struggles, demons”: Kenyan Catholic Priest to Youth

May 1, 2023

Members of the Missionary Youth Movement (MYM) in Kenya’s Nairobi Archdiocese have been challenged to come to terms with their personal “internal struggles”.