Freedom of the press

Martyred by the Nazis, Dutch St. Titus Brandsma was a journalist who gave his life so that the truths of the faith would not be silenced. / Credit: Wikimedia Commons

World Press Freedom: The Prayer of a Holy Journalist Before Dying for Freedom of Catholic Press

May 3, 2024

World Press Freedom Day is celebrated every May 3, drawing attention to the importance of free and independent news media.

St. Titus Brandsma | Credit: Congerdesign on Pixabay / St. Titus Brandsma Public Domain - Wikimedia Commons

Here’s the Prayer of a Journalist Saint Before He Died for Freedom of the Catholic Press

May 6, 2023

World Press Freedom Day was celebrated May 3 and the courage to get the truth out has sometimes cost the lives of Catholic journalists, among them St. Titus Brandsma, a Carmelite priest whose efforts cost him his life at the hands of the Nazi regime.