Independence Anniversary

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On Uganda’s Independence Anniversary, Catholic Bishops Highlight Challenges, Achievements

Oct 11, 2022

On the occasion of Uganda's 60th independence anniversary marked on October 7, Catholic Bishops in the East African nation have highlighted challenges and achievements in the country over the last decade. 

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“Nigerians deserve a new burst of hope”: Bishop in Independence Anniversary Message

Sep 30, 2022

There is need for Nigerians to experience “a new burst of hope” as their country marks 62 years of independence on Saturday, October 1, a Catholic Bishop in the West African nation has said. 

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Nigeria's Independence Anniversary “a mixed bag of praise and pain”: Catholic Bishop

Oct 1, 2021

The 61st independence anniversary of the West African nation of Nigeria is being observed with mixed feelings of “praise and pain”, a Nigerian Catholic Bishop has said.

Archbishop Alfred Adewale Martins of Nigeria's Lagos Archdiocese. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Marking Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary Despite Anomalies “a miracle of sorts”: Prelate

Sep 30, 2021

Marking 61 years since Nigeria gained independence is “a miracle of sorts,” a Catholic Archbishop in the West African nation has said ahead of the Friday, October 1 event.

Students of Loreto Girls' Secondary School in the Diocese of Rumbek, South Sudan, holding South Sudan Flag on 10th anniversary of independence on 9 July 2021/ Credit: Sr. Orla Treacy, Loreto Sisters, Rumbek

After 10 Years of Self Rule, “there is little to celebrate”: Faith Leaders in South Sudan

Jul 8, 2021

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of South Sudan’s independence, forums of faith leaders in the East-Central African nation have, in separate statements, lamented the many years of civil strife, the country’s Council of churches saying “there is little to celebrate.”

Nigerian Prelate Faults Government for Disunity, Insecurity in Independence Message

Sep 28, 2020

Ahead of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day celebrations, an Archbishop in the country has faulted the government for failing to address insecurity and for the disunity in the west African country.  

Fridolin CArdinal Ambongo, Archbishop of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Ruling coalition has lost its purpose,”: Congolese Cardinal at Independence Anniversary

Jul 1, 2020

The Archbishop of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Fridolin Cardinal Ambongo, used the occasion of the celebration marking 60 years since the Central African nation gained its independence from Belgium to make known his thoughts about the unity government.