John Cardinal Onaiyekan

Religion for Peace by John Cardinal Onaiyekan . Credit: ACI Africa

In New Book, Cardinal Highlights His “unwavering commitment” to Fostering Peace in Nigeria

Feb 8, 2024

In a new book, John Cardinal Onaiyekan has highlighted his involvement in peacebuilding initiatives in his native country of Nigeria, and across the globe. 

John Cardinal Onaiyekan. Credit: ACI Africa

“True religion must be about peace”: Nigerian Cardinal Says, Decries Religious Fanaticism

Feb 3, 2024

True religion fosters good relationships and peaceful coexistence among people, John Cardinal Onaiyekan has said.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan (left) and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu . Credit: Oyo Diocese/Nigeria Catholic Network

“Exceptional religious leader”: President of Nigeria Extols Cardinal on His Birthday

Feb 2, 2024

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of Nigeria has acclaimed John Cardinal Onaiyekan for his “exceptional” leadership traits, underscoring the Cardinal’s prophetic stance against injustice efforts in fighting for the oppressed and peacebuilding in the West African nation on the occasion of his 80th birthday celebration.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan. Credit: CTV

“An original sin”: Cardinal in Nigeria Faults Politicians for Rigging Elections

Nov 14, 2023

Politicians commit an original sin when they rig an election , John Cardinal Onaiyekan has said, and faulted Nigerians who seek political positions to enrich themselves.

Logo National Peace Committee (NPC) in Nigeria. Credit: NPC

Nigeria’s National Peace Committee Calls for “free, fair processes” Ahead of Repeat Poll

Nov 5, 2023

Members of the  National Peace Committee (NPC) in Nigeria, among them some Catholic Bishops, are calling for “free and fair processes” ahead of Gubernatorial polls in three of the country’s States.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan. Credit: COFP Foundation

Nigerian Cardinal Urges President to Serve Indiscriminately after Court Upholds Win

Nov 4, 2023

John Cardinal Onaiyekan has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to “now face his work” and serve all without bias after the Supreme Court affirmed his victory following the disputed February 25 presidential elections.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan (left) and Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah (right) named in the list of 100 Most Notable Peace Icons in Africa award. Credit: Oyo Diocese/Sokoto Diocese

Nigerian Cardinal, Catholic Bishop among “100 Most Notable Peace ICONS, Africa”

Aug 21, 2023

Two Nigerian Catholic Prelates, John Cardinal Onaiyekan and Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, have been listed among 100 Most Notable Peace Icons in Africa.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan. Credit: Oyo Diocese/Facebook

Nigeria’s Current President Holding Office Temporarily: Cardinal

Aug 6, 2023

Nigeria will only have a president when the court listens to all election petitions and either confirms or revokes Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidency, John Cardinal Onaiyekan has said.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan. Credit: COFP Foundation

“Never experienced anything like this before”: Nigerian Cardinal on Last General Elections

Jul 21, 2023

The West African nation has conducted multiple general elections, but the last one had so many flaws that it is “unparallelled”, John Cardinal Onaiyekan has said. 

“Evangelization a matter of communication”: Cardinal on Communications Week in Nigeria

May 20, 2023

Communication and evangelization are intimately connected, John Cardinal Onaiyekan has said in his Tuesday, May 16 Message on the occasion of this year’s ongoing Communications Week (COMWEEK), an initiative of Catholic Bishops in Nigeria.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan/Credit: Courtesy Photo

“Anomalous situation”: Cardinal in Nigeria on Delayed Presidential Petition Verdict

May 5, 2023

The delay in delivering the Presidential petition verdict following Nigeria’s disputed presidential poll has put the West African nation in an “anomalous situation”,  John Cardinal Onaiyekan has said.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan. Credit: Nigeria Catholic Network (NCN)

“Tragically questionable election”: Nigerian Cardinal in Disclaimer amid Misleading Post

Mar 6, 2023

John Cardinal Onaiyekan has described the Presidential poll in the West African nation as “a tragically questionable election”, and clarified the viral social media post that has him ask Nigerians to accept the results of the now disputed February 25 election.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan. Credit: Nigeria Catholic Network

Cardinal in Nigeria Cautions Politicians against “any form of manipulations” of 2023 Polls

Jan 9, 2023

John Cardinal Onaiyekan has cautioned politicians against any attempts to manipulate the results of next month’s general elections to their favor “if not voted for”. 

Logo National Peace Committee (NPC) in Nigeria. Credit: Courtesy Photo

National Peace Committee Officials in Nigeria Concerned about Violent Election Campaigns

Nov 20, 2022

Members of the  National Peace Committee (NPC) in Nigeria who include representatives of the Catholic Bishops in the West African nation have raised concern over violent election campaigns ahead of the country’s February 2023 polls.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan. Credit: Oyo Diocese/Facebook

Cardinal in Nigeria Concerned about Government’s “apparent inability to restore peace”

Nov 5, 2022

John Cardinal Onaiyekan is concerned about Nigeria’s Federal government’s “apparent inability” to address the challenge of insecurity in the West African nation. 

John Cardinal Onaiyekan speaking during his visit to St. Francis Catholic College in Nigeria’s Oyo Diocese on 13 October 2022. Credit: Oyo Diocese

Embrace Servant Leadership and “a lot will change”: Cardinal to Nigerian Political Actors

Oct 15, 2022

There is need for political actors in Nigeria to adopt servant leadership as lived by Jesus Christ, John Cardinal Onaiyekan of Nigeria has said.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan/Credit: Courtesy Photo

Let’s Work Towards Changing the “bad name” of Politics in Nigeria: Cardinal

Oct 5, 2022

There is need to work towards changing the negative perception around politics in Nigeria as “a game for rogues, thieves and liars” to being perceived as “a noble task”, John Cardinal Onaiyekan has said.