Members of the Episcopal Conference of Benin (CEB). Credit: CEB

Increased “cases of murder, suicide” Cause for Concern for Benin’s Catholic Bishops, Who Say Human Life is “inviolable”

May 19, 2024

Catholic Bishops in Benin have expressed concern about increased reported “cases of murder and suicide” in the West African country, and urged respect for human life.

A Catholic Nun poses for a photo session with children in Tigray, Ethiopia/ Credit: Agenzia Fides

Catholic Nun Narrates Harrowing Account of Murders, Explosions in Ethiopia’s Tigray Crisis

Apr 27, 2021

Horror surrounded Shire, a town in Ethiopia’s Tigray region at the start of the ongoing civil war, a Catholic Nun who works in the troubled Northernmost region of the Horn of African country has recounted.