Fr. James Kinoti serving at St. Catherine of Alexandria Tarasaa Parish in Kenya’s Catholic of Malindi. / Fr. James Kinoti.

Why Catholics at a Kenyan Parish Avoided Holy Communion for Five Years

Nov 3, 2020

It took Fr. James Kinoti five years to get the first Catholics at St. Catherine of Alexandria Tarasaa Parish of Kenya’s Catholic Diocese of Malindi to partake of Holy Communion during Eucharistic celebrations at a particular outstation where the faithful had avoided the Sacrament for years.

Father Petro Berga presiding over an inter-religious Service to pray for peace in Ethiopia

-- / Aid to the Church in Need


Ethiopia’s Catholic Church Best Positioned for “mediation work, promoting peace”: Priest

Dec 6, 2019

In the wake of ethnic violence in Ethiopia’s Oromia region in October that resulted in the death of dozens of people and the persecution of Christians in the country, a Catholic Priest  has identified the Catholic Church, which holds a minority Christian population, as best positioned for successful “mediation work” and reconciliation of the people in the Horn of Africa.