Archbishop Stephen Brislin of South Africa's Cape Town Archdiocese. Credit: Cape Town Archdiocese/Facebook

Recent Violent Protests in South Africa Had “groundswell of concerned people”: Archbishop

Jul 31, 2021

While the recent violent protests in South Africa were generally characterized by vandalism, looting, injuries and loss of human lives, there were people who showed genuine goodness and concern for others, a South African Archbishop has said in a prayerful reflection.

Saint Vincent de Paul Cathedral in the Archdiocese of Tunis. Credit: Archdiocese of Tunis

Catholic Archbishop in Tunisia Highlights Challenges amid Protests, Uncertainty

Jul 28, 2021

The Archbishop of Tunisia’s Tunis Archdiocese has highlighted the challenges in the Northernmost African nation where citizens have taken to the streets of major cities, demanding that the government steps down.  

Flag of Eswatini/ Credit: Shutterstock

Catholic Bishop in Eswatini Prays for Victims of Protests, Says Violence Unacceptable

Jul 7, 2021

The Catholic Bishop of Eswatini’s Manzini Diocese is offering prayers for the repose of souls of scores that have lost their lives in the violence that was sparked by pro-democracy protests in the Southern African country.

Flag of Eswantini/Credit: Shutterstock

Catholic Church in Eswatini Blames Failures of Country’s Elites for Growing Violence

Jul 5, 2021

The Commission for Justice and Peace (CJPC) in Eswatini’s Catholic Diocese of Manzini has blamed the ongoing protests and violence in the Southern African nation on the failure of the country’s leadership to engage with the citizens on the issues that affect the people.

Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Nigeria’s Abuja Archdiocese. Credit: Abuja Archdiocese/Facebook

Nigerian Archbishop Cautions against “suppressing” Youth With “reasonable demands”

Jun 14, 2021

The Archbishop of Nigeria’s Abuja Archdiocese has cautioned the Federal Government against “suppressing” the voices of the youth protesting against bad governance and insecurity in the West African country.

“You cannot regulate what you are not in control of”: Nigerian Cleric to Gov’t over SMedia

Nov 11, 2020

A Catholic Cleric in Nigeria has faulted government attempts in the West African nation to regulate social media engagement saying it is “an effort in futility” since State officials are not even “in control” of the online platforms.

Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Nigeria's Abuja Diocese speaking during the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Holy Ghost Parish in Makurdi Diocese Sunday, November 1, 2020. / Diocese of Makurdi/Facebook Page

"Protest, talk, shout, use media, do so positively but don’t destroy": Nigerian Prelate

Nov 2, 2020

An Archbishop in Nigeria has emphasized the need for peaceful protests amid reports of looting and destruction of property in the nationwide youth-led demonstrations.

A demonstrator sits on a barricade blocking a road near the Lagos State House, despite a round-the-clock curfew imposed by the authorities on the Nigerian state of Lagos in response to protests against alleged police brutality, Nigeria. / Reuters

Protests amid “uncivilized conduct of looting, arson” Saddening: Nigerian Archbishop

Oct 26, 2020

Reports of looting and destruction of property amid nationwide protests in Nigeria have “saddened” the Archbishop of Nigeria’s Abuja Archdiocese who has recalled the initially youth-led peaceful demonstrations against the country’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Jean Cardinal Zerbo with muslim leaders in Mali's capital, Bamako.

Religious Leaders in Mali Appeal for Peace, Dialogue amid Protests

Jul 15, 2020

Religious leaders in the West African nation of Mali have appealed for calm and peaceful dialogue following days of violent protests and unrest in the country’s capital, Bamako.

Pope Francis (above) who on December 12, 2019 appointed Bishop Stephen Ameyu (right) as the new Archbishop of Juba in South Sudan and accepted the resignation of Archbishop Paolino Lukudu Loro (left)

Beyond Press Statement: What Juba Archbishop Emeritus Told Journalists on Pope’s Decision

Mar 13, 2020

The controversy surrounding the appointment of South Sudanese Bishop Stephen Ameyu as the new Archbishop of Juba took a curious twist earlier this week when Archbishop Emeritus, Paolino Lukudu Loro not only broke his silence through a press statement but also spoke to journalists, accusing the Vatican of forcing the Archbishop elect on the people.

Fr. Nicholas Kiri, South Sudanese Juba-based priest expected to oversee preparations toward the installation of Archbishop elect Stephen Ameyu in Juba on March 22, 2020. He was attacked on Sunday, March 8, 2020 by a group of Catholic youth protesting the appointment of the new Archbishop. / ACI Africa

South Sudanese Priest Shares His Ordeal, Attackers “must have been manipulated by someone”

Mar 12, 2020

The South Sudanese Juba-based priest who was attacked by a group of Catholic youth protesting the appointment of a new Archbishop has, in an interview with ACI Africa, shared about the Sunday, March 8 episode saying he has no grudge with the youth and that they might have been misguided and “manipulated by someone.”

Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square March 14, 2018. Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA.

Pope Francis Prays for Stability in Iraq amid Deadly Protests

Oct 30, 2019

Pope Francis prayed Wednesday for Iraq, where 18 more people were killed and hundreds wounded Oct. 29 during political protests in Karbala.