Religious intolerance

“Very distasteful, divisive”: Malawi’s Catholic Bishops Decry Utterances Fomenting Religious Intolerance

May 8, 2024

Members of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) are decrying utterances spread through social media posts that they say are likely to undermine efforts towards interreligious dialogue in the Southern African nation and endanger the existent unity in the religious diversity of Malawians. 

Fr. Augusto Mutna Tamba reading the statement of religious leaders in Guinea-Bissau. Credit: Catholic Diocese of Bafatá

Religious Leaders in Guinea Bissau Decry Surge in Attacks on Places of Worship

Mar 26, 2024

Religious leaders in Guinea Bissau have called for the respect of “fundamental rights” amid several cases of attacks on places of worship of traditional religions and evangelical churches.