Season of Creation

A poster for the Season of Creation. Credit: JCED Malawi

“Season of Creation Documentary”: Church Officials in Malawi Call for Justice for Creation

Sep 30, 2023

Catholic Church officials in Malawi have, in a new documentary on the Season of Creation 2023, called for “justice, reconciliation and healing for people affected with climate change.”

Fr. Zane Godwin. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Don’t “take for granted created world”, Show Appreciation: Catholic Priest in South Africa

Sep 28, 2021

Christians in South Africa are being urged to show appreciation to God’s creation by taking the necessary steps to prevent environmental degradation.

The Apostolic South Africa's Diocese of Mariannhill and Archbishop Emeritus of Pretoria, William Slattery. Credit: Courtesy Photo

“Take action now” against Environmental Degradation: South African Archbishop

Aug 27, 2021

A South African Archbishop has expressed concern over the destruction of the environment and called on the people of God in the country to take urgent action to mitigate the effects of degradation.

A poster for the Season of Creation. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Become Aware of “ecological, social degradation we are experiencing”: South African Bishop

Aug 23, 2021

Ahead of the month-long annual event dubbed Season of Creation, a South African Bishop has called on the people of God in the country to become aware of “ecological and social degradation” and take appropriate actions.

A poster for the 2020 Season of Creation.

Engage in Actions “that are ecologically correct”: Bishops in Zambia Tell Politicians

Sep 26, 2020

At a virtual session aimed at addressing the ecological crisis in Zambia, Catholic Bishops have called on the leadership of the southern Africa nation to consider going beyond political correctness and base their actions on what can safeguard the earth and the ecosystem.

Logo of the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies marked Monday, September 7. / World Health Organisation (WHO)

The Irony of COVID-19 and Cleaner Air, Clearer Skies: An African Jesuit Cleric

Sep 7, 2020

On the maiden International Day of Clean Air for blue skies marked Monday, September 7 under the theme “Clean Air for All,” a member of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) ministering in South Africa has reflected on what he says is the irony of COVID-19 lockdown contributing to cleaner air and clearer skies.

Season of Creation 2020.

To Usher in “Season of Creation” Event in Zambia, Bishops Encourage Hope, Inspiration

Sep 1, 2020

At the beginning of the worldwide month-long annual event dubbed Season of Creation during which Christians renew their interaction with God the creator and His creation, Bishops in Zambia have called on the people of God in their country to bring hope and inspiration for a better future through the safeguarding of creation.

Logo Season of Creation 2020.

Planned Activities to Celebrate Annual Month-long “Season of Creation” Event in Africa

Aug 31, 2020

As Catholics across the globe plan to join other Christians to be part of the month-long annual event dubbed Season of Creation, an official of the Global Catholic Climate Movement in Africa (GCCM Africa), one of the organizations participating in the event, has outlined some of the planned activities to mark the ecumenical initiative in Africa.