Sr. Praxides Nafula

Staff of Paulines Publications Africa at the October Book Fair in Frankfurt Germany. Credit: Daughters of St. Paul

“Ancient styles”: Paulines Publications Official on Why Africa Lags Behind in Publishing

Oct 26, 2023

Publishing is evolving, and African authors and publishers must embrace global trends to hack it on the international market, the Directress of Paulines Publications Africa (PPA), Sr. Praxides Nafula, who participated in the October 18-22 Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, has said.

Front page of the newly published book bearing an imprint of Pope Francis' third visit to Sub-Saharan Africa between January 31 and February 5 by Paulines Publications Africa. Credit: Paulines Publications Africa

Inside Paulines’ Book Bearing Imprint of Pope Francis' Third Visit to Sub-Saharan Africa

Mar 26, 2023

Members of the Pious Society of the Daughters of St. Paul (FSP) in Nairobi, Kenya, have published a book, “Apostolic Journey of His Holiness Pope Francis to Africa”, that engraves the Holy Father's third pastoral visit to Sub-Saharan Africa in readers’ minds.