Pope Francis greets 80,000 teens on pilgrimage in St. Peter’s Square on April 18, 2022. Vatican Media

Pope Francis Tells 80,000 Youth Pilgrims to Ask Our Lady for Courage to Do God’s Will

Apr 19, 2022

The youth pilgrimage was organized in an effort to reach out to young people whose lives were upended during the past two years of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pope Francis Tells Priests at Chrism Mass: "The cross is non-negotiable"

Apr 1, 2021

Pope Francis told priests at Thursday’s Chrism Mass at the Vatican that “the cross is non-negotiable” when preaching the Gospel.

Pope Francis greets pilgrims during his Angelus address Feb. 21, 2021. Credit: Vatican Media/CNA.

The Lord Does Not Permit Darkness to Have Last Word: Pope Francis

Feb 28, 2021

Pope Francis said Sunday that it is important to remember when facing a difficult trial that the “Lord is Risen and does not permit darkness to have the last word.”

Pope Francis, pictured April 17, 2013. Credit: Mazur/

Pope Francis Calls for a Commitment to "take care of each other" in 2021

Jan 3, 2021

Pope Francis warned Sunday against the temptation to ignore the suffering of others during the coronavirus pandemic and said that things will get better in the new year to the extent to which the needs of the weakest and most disadvantaged are prioritized.

Pope Francis celebrates Mass in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta May 8, 2020. Credit: Vatican Media.

Pope Francis: 'Allow yourself to be consoled by Jesus'

May 9, 2020

We must learn to let ourselves be consoled by Jesus when we are suffering, Pope Francis said at his morning Mass Friday.

Pope Francis blesses a woman at a general audience in Paul VI Hall Dec. 5, 2018. Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA.

Pope Francis: God Acts in the Midst of Our Trials and Failures

Jan 8, 2020

Love for God is always fruitful, Pope Francis said Wednesday, stressing that Christ can bring good out of any circumstance -- even an apparent failure.

Pope Francis venerates the cross on Good Friday April 19, 2019. Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA.

Pope Francis' Message to Those Suffering 'at the foot of the cross'

Nov 15, 2019

Pope Francis told those who are sick and suffering Friday that the world needs their prayers.

Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA.

Pope Francis: In times of suffering, know that you are never alone

Aug 17, 2019

Pope Francis wrote a heartfelt letter Tuesday to an Italian community still suffering one year after a bridge collapse. His message: “Know that you are not alone.”