Sister Medhin with school children in Tigray, Ethiopia, in March 2024. The Scotland-based organization Mary’s Meals, which feeds almost 2.5 million children in some of the world’s poorest countries, has been partnering with the Daughters of Charity in Tigray since 2017 to provide meals for thousands of children. / Credit: Armstrong Studios // 2024

As Hunger Crisis Unfolds in Ethiopia, Global Charity Teams up with Catholic Nuns to Feed Children

Apr 13, 2024

Mary’s Meals, which feeds almost 2.5 million children globally, has been partnering with the Daughters of Charity in Tigray since 2017. 

Flag of Ethiopia/ Credit: Shutterstock

Pope Francis Expresses Solidarity with Victims of Ethiopia’s Growing Humanitarian Crisis

Sep 9, 2021

Pope Francis has expressed his solidarity with victims of Ethiopia’s ongoing conflict ahead of the country’s New Year Day celebrations.

Participants in a Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) forum in Ethiopia's Tigray region/Credit: SCIAF / SCIAF

Scottish Catholic Charity Launches Aid Appeal for the Needy in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

Jul 8, 2021

A Scottish Catholic charity organization has launched an appeal for aid to reach out to millions of people in need of humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia’s Tigray region following the protracted violent conflict between the federal and regional governments.

An image showing vote casting in Ethiopia. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Ahead of Ethiopia’s General Elections, Bishops Say Citizens “desire an upright leader”

Jun 20, 2021

Catholic Bishops in the Horn of Africa nation of Ethiopia have, in a collective statement days to the country’s general elections, outlined qualities of those to be elected to the House of People’s Representatives saying citizens desire leaders who are “upright.”

A map showing the Tigray area in northern Ethiopia. / Associated Press.

Eastern Africa’s Bishops Express Solidarity with Ethiopians amid Fighting in Tigray

Nov 13, 2020

Bishops in Eastern Africa have expressed their solidarity with the people of God in Ethiopia amid reportedly escalating violence pitting the Federal government against the local authorities of the country’s Northernmost Tigray region.