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Southern African Bishops Dispel COVID-19 Vaccine Fear, Say Jab is "a safe risk”

Members of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) have sought to address concerns around the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Three Issues A South African Prelate Wants Duly Addressed in Church, Society

The need to enhance accountability in the administration of Church resources, the upsurge of COVID-19 reported cases, and corruption are the three issues a Catholic Prelate in South Africa wants duly addressed.

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Clergy, Religious Bowing to Family Pressure to Misuse Church Funds: South African Prelate

Priests and religious who are misappropriating funds meant for Church projects are doing so because of pressure from their families and friends who want financial support from the Clergy and Religious men and women, Bishop Sithembele Sipuka of South Africa’s Umtata Diocese has said in his new month reflection shared with ACI Africa.

Convent in South Africa Turned into COVID-19 Quarantine Facility as Fifth Nun Dies

The convent of the Congregation of the Precious Blood Sisters in South Africa’s Catholic Diocese of Umtata has been turned into a COVID-19 quarantine facility after a fifth member of the congregation succumbed to the new coronavirus.

Four members of the Religious Congregation of the Precious Blood Sisters who succumbed to COVID-19 in South Africa's Umtata Diocese. /

Four Nuns Who Succumbed to COVID-19 in South Africa “were generous servants of the Lord”

The leadership of the Catholic Church in South Africa has described the four members of the Religious Congregation of the Precious Blood Sisters who succumbed to COVID-19 as “generous servants of the Lord” who died “in a very short period of time.”

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“Main challenge facing South Africa now is saving lives”: Church Leaders in South Africa

Leaders of various Christian denominations in South Africa have, in a collective statement, identified the saving of human life amid COVID-19 as “the main challenge” the people of God in their country are facing and called for a response that is “holistic and humane.”

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"We need to find each other, work together" in fighting COVID-19: South African Bishop

A Bishop in South Africa is calling on the people of God to come together in the fight against COVID-19 in his country where at least 3,465 cases have been confirmed, the highest number in Africa.