Vatican Observatory

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Vatican Observatory publishes new method to better understand the Big Bang theory

Mar 18, 2024

Two priests from the Vatican Observatory have made further progress in developing a new mathematical method to understand the Big Bang theory.

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At Vatican Observatory, Astronomers Reveal Thousands of Newly Discovered Galaxies

Oct 20, 2023

The findings at the October conference “pave the road for a better understanding of the structure of the Milky Way and the formation of all galaxies in general.”

Chart showing asteroids named after Jesuits. | Br. Robert Macke S.J./Vatican Observatory

Newly-discovered Asteroids Named after Jesuits — and a Pope

Feb 21, 2023

The Vatican Observatory announced this week the naming of four newly-discovered asteroids after notable Catholics, including Pope Gregory XIII, who began the tradition of papal astronomers and observatories.