Newly Installed Parish Priest in Angola Urged to Seek “everyone's cooperation”

Bishop Maurício Agostinho Camuto hands Parish documents to Fr. Francisco Lumwangano. Credit: Rádio Ecclésia Caxito

The new Parish Priest of St. John the Baptist Cacuaco Parish Parish of Angola’s Caxito Diocese has been encouraged to seek the collaboration of “everyone” as he takes leadership of the Angolan Catholic Parish.

In his Sunday, February 18 homily during the installation of Fr. Francisco Lumwangano as Parish Priest, the Local Ordinary of the Angolan Episcopal See, Bishop Maurício Agostinho Camuto, underscored the need for the Parish Priest’s presence among the people.

“Dear Father Francisco, this is your mission; take into account the love of God that you must sow in the hearts of all your brothers and all who approach you, for all are children of God and deserve our attention,” Bishop Camuto said.

He urged the new Parish Priest to “ask for everyone's cooperation” and added, “Let the people also know where, how and when to find you.”

“We are invited to create a new community in which all privileges, all pressures and all signs of repression and hatred disappear, and to build a community where everyone has their rights, and everyone participates freely as brothers,” he further said.


The Angolan member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CSSp/Spiritans/Holy Ghost Fathers) called upon Fr. Lumwangano to consider it his primary mission to keep the flock entrusted to him “united, and to get rid of personal interests.”

“Try to be Christ-like among them, welcoming everyone without discrimination, bringing the message of love, forgiveness and peace to everyone,” the Catholic Bishop, who has been at the helm of Caxito Diocese since his Episcopal Consecration in August 2020 emphasized.

He continued, “We hope that through your ministry it can grow as a harmonious body, as St. Paul says, to the stature of Christ, so that no one feels marginalized or left out, and we try to work with everyone, in such a way that each member of the community, according to their skills and abilities, can make their contribution to the growth of the community.”

He cautionedthe new Parish Priest against “constant and unnecessary absences from the parish”, adding, “Yes, we have received this information, that many Parish Priests are not there in the Parish. The faithful walk for miles and don't find the Parish Priest where he should be.”

In his speech as Parish Priest, Fr. Lumwangano said, “Allow me to make Pope Francis' words my own: the Parish Priest is the one who goes before the people, to show the way; he is in the middle to help those who are getting tired, and he is the last to push those who can no longer bear the journey.”

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“This is how we walk together in Christ's mission, and in the communion that is the very mystery of the Church and the participation of all in this mission, the sharing of the charisms that each one has in the awareness that the Church of God is not a movement, but a community that brings together all believers in Christ, without distinction, so that together they may celebrate their faith, hope and charity,” he added.

João Vissesse is an Angolan Journalist with a passion and rich experience in Catholic Church Communication and Media Apostolate.