Easter Season Opportunity to “break down barriers of sin, structures of evil”: Catholic Archbishop in Angola

Archbishop José Manuel Imbamba of the Catholic Archdiocese of Saurimo in Angola. Credit: Radio Ecclesia

The period of Easter provides Christians an opportunity to deal with structures that contribute to sin and evil, Archbishop José Manuel Imbamba of the Catholic Archdiocese of Saurimo in Angola has said. 

In his homily during Easter Sunday mass at Our Lady of Assumption Cathedral of his Metropolitan See, Archbishop Imbamba faulted the tendency, on the part of some people, to compete with God in some fight for supremacy.

“Man who assumes himself to be God, man who wants to pretend to be God, man who, because of his culture, thinks that he can already be equal to God brings about his own downfall, his own death,” he said. 

Easter, the Angolan Catholic Archbishop said, “encourages us to break down these barriers of sin, to break down these structures of evil, the structures of injustice, the structures of sin, the structures that imprison human freedom, the beauty of human life, the beauty of our faith, the beauty of our witness.”

The Local Ordinary of Saurimo Archdiocese, who doubles as the President of the Bishops' Conference of Angola and São Tomé and Príncipe (CEAST) highlighted some of the factors behind the supremacy battles, saying, “The world of robotics, the world of technology, the world of culture, the world of cybernetics is killing the nobility of humanity.”


He went on to expressed concern about violence among young people in Angola.

Archbishop Imbamba said, “I can't believe that a Christian son, a Catholic son, would have the courage to kill his own father, his own mother, accusing them of being sorcerers.”

“We are witnesses of the resurrection and therefore called to bring the power of God in us to all our brothers and sisters through our gestures and attitudes; we are bearers of light and peace to the world,” the 59-year-old Catholic Church leader, who started his Episcopal Ministry in December 2008 said on March 31.

João Vissesse is an Angolan Journalist with a passion and rich experience in Catholic Church Communication and Media Apostolate.