Catholic Bishop in Angola urges Christians to Embrace “path of reconciliation, love, peace”

Bishop Maurício Agostinho Camuto of Caxito Diocese in Angola. Credit: Radio Ecclesia

Bishop Maurício Agostinho Camuto of Caxito Diocese in Angola has encouraged Christians in the Southern Africa nation to seek the path of  reconciliation, love, and peace in order to curb the country’s conflicts.

In his Sunday, April 8 homily at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish of Caxito Diocese, Bishop Camuto said, “A Christian can no longer live like a pagan, a Christian can no longer embrace the path of hatred, the path of revenge, the path of enmity, the path of violence, the path of wars and conflicts.”

A Chsritian, the Bishop said, “must embrace another path. The path of reconciliation, love, peace and being one with our brothers and sisters, being one with others, regardless of what they think, regardless of their party.”

The Angolan member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CSSp/Spiritans) further said, “The disciples are our models because they also took their model from Jesus, they learned from Jesus.”

“We too must learn from them to have the courage to bear witness to our faith. Even in difficult times, let us bear witness to our faith in Christ who died and rose again. He is the one who calls us and he also wants our good,” Bishop Camuto said.


The Angolan catholic Bishop also cautioned Christians against resorting to witchdoctors and adventurers in times of trouble.

“In the face of threats, if a strong or serious illness occurs that is difficult to cure, we abandon Jesus, we go after the witch doctor,” the Local Ordinary of Caxito said. “Usually these people create confusion, create conflicts in the families.”

“A Christian must let himself be inspired by the Word of God, he must let himself be inspired by the Word of Christ, who is our model,” Bishop Camuto said.

João Vissesse is an Angolan Journalist with a passion and rich experience in Catholic Church Communication and Media Apostolate.