Let’s Be “catalysts for peace worldwide”: U.S.-based Nigerian Catholic Priest Advocates for Nonviolence at Peace Concert

Fr. Daniel Ogbeifun

There is need for Nigerians to always seek nonviolent options in the face of conflicts, a U.S.-based Nigerian Catholic Priest has said. 

Speaking during the April 14 Peace is Possible Concert in Nigeria’s Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Fr. Daniel Ogbeifun said that it is in opting for nonviolence that Nigerians can contribute to global peace. 

“We must all reject violence and instead utilize nonviolent means of conflict resolution. By doing so, we not only contribute to a peaceful Nigeria, but we become catalysts for peace worldwide,” Fr. Ogbeifun said.

The Nigerian-born member of the Clergy of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo in the U.S. highlighted some of the nonviolent options, saying, “Peace cannot be achieved through force alone, but through dialogue, understanding, and a genuine commitment to change.”

“It is incumbent upon us to take the message of peace from this concert back to our communities, our societies, where we find ourselves embracing it in our daily lives,” he said, and added, “Let us proactively seek to resolve conflicts through dialogue, education, respect and mutual communication.”


In attempts to resolve conflicts using nonviolence, the Catholic Priest said, “seek to understand the grievances of all parties involved in conflict and work towards finding equitable solutions that provide justice and reconciliation.”

“Peace cannot thrive without the active participation and engagement of all members of society, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or social status,” the Coordinator of African Priests and Religious in Buffalo Catholic Diocese said.

He emphasized the need to give aggrieved parties opportunities to express themselves. He said, “It is crucial to create an inclusive environment where everyone's voice is heard, and their contributions are valued.”

Reflecting on the purpose for convening the Peace is Possible concert, Fr. Ogbeifun said, “At a time when the world is dealing with conflict, division, and hatred, we came here to promote peace, understanding, unity, and above all, love, living together as one.”

“Nigeria, a country rich in cultural diversity and history, has unfortunately experienced its fair share of conflicts and tumult, but today we come together with a common purpose to forge a path towards lasting peace and harmony,” he said. 

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Fr. Ogbeifun added, “Peace is not merely the absence of violence or war; it encompasses a broader concept of social justice, equality, and sustainable development.”

The Catholic Priest, who is a gospel musician went on to highlight music's “unique ability” to contribute to peace as it transcends language barriers and unites people in a common realm of understanding and compassion. 

“Music has a unique ability to touch hearts and transcend language barriers,” he said, and continued, “It is through the power of music that we can inspire individuals and communities to embrace diversity and celebrate our shared humanity.”

Fr. Ogbeifun cautioned the youth in Nigeria against fear and anxiety. He said, “The Nigerian youth constantly live in morbid fear and exaggerated anxieties. And as such, peace has become very elusive for development to take place.” 

“If the enabling environment is given for the Nigerian youth to strive and progress, then it is very possible that Nigeria will one day compete favourably with the Western world,” he said during the April 14 Peace is Possible concert in Abuja.


Abah Anthony John contributed to the writing of this story

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