US-based Catholic Television Network Set to Start Broadcasting Programs from Africa

Posters promoting Mission Africa program set to air from July 25.

Shalom World, a US-based Catholic television network is set to start broadcasting programs featuring content on the Catholic Church in Africa this weekend, offering viewers an opportunity to experience the “faith, love and culture of the people of Africa,” the leadership of the media outlet has announced.

The leadership of the station made the announcement in a 2.37-minute video promo, indicating that the inaugural five-segment program dubbed “Mission Africa” will feature content from the East African countries of Kenya and Uganda, allowing the viewers to experience the missionary journey into the “exuberate dancing Church of Africa.”

The television station is set to premiere the “Glorious Lives” segment on July 24 and July 25.

In the segment “Here I am”, which will start airing Saturday, July 25 featuring “fearless missionaries who stood firm even in the face of death” will tell the story of the missionaries’ extraordinary call to mission in the world’s second largest continent, the leadership of Shalom World television announce in the video promo.

“The rich cultural heritage of the African people finds a new dimension when they receive the Gospel. Watch how the missionaries help them live out their Christian faith using their own art, music, and culture in the program ‘Here I am’,” Shalom TV leadership has posted on Twitter.


On Sunday, July 26, the network will air “Glorious Lives” featuring the story of Angelena Lyaka, a 13-year-old girl from Uganda who is also called the “Maria Goretti of Tororo.” She “gladly embraced martyrdom instead of committing sin against God” by getting married to an already married man.

The “Wellspring” segment that will air starting August 2 will present the “selfless acts of love” demonstrated by the members of the various Catholic congregations serving in East Africa.

Starting September 5, “In Persona Christi” segment will feature the “relentless sacrifice and unceasing prayers of the veteran missionary priests who landed in the soil of Africa.”

The four-year-old station will air the “Chosen” segment starting September 12 featuring “the seeds of faith sown by the missionaries in the soil of Africa.”

More in Africa

“It is a joy that Shalom World now has a presence in Africa. The plan to start the media evangelization program for Africa have for long been in the heart of Shalom World,” Sharon Wilson, a cinematographer with Shalom World and co-producer of the maiden Mission Africa program has been quoted as saying.

Moreover, she adds, “Africa has a great deposit and practice of Catholic Christian faith, and so it is an honor to join in giving prominence to this greatness through the media.”

Officially launched on 27 April 2014 with its first live broadcast of the canonization of St. John Paul II and St. John XXIII from the Vatican, Shalom World television has channels featuring content from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Earlier this year, the television network estimated to reach at least 1.5 billion people in 145 countries won the prestigious Gabriel Awards after being nominated as the Television Station of the Year by Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada.

Shalom World television is part of Shalom Media, an international multi-faceted media ministry founded in 1989 in a remote village of India’s Archdiocese of Kerala with a mission to “share the peace of Christ with the World.”