Bishop’s Initiative Keeping South Sudanese Pupils Engaged amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Logo of Holy Trinity Peace Village in South Sudan

The Holy Trinity Peace Village initiative founded by Bishop Paride Taban has become an oasis of hope to vulnerable populations in South Sudan and is now reaching out to school-going children who relied on the Centre for their educational needs before COVID-19 lockdown was declared in the East-Central African nation.

In an organizational newsletter released Monday, August 10 titled, “An Oasis of Peace and Love”, the management of Holy Trinity Peace Village notes that the facility, established to unite warring communities in the South-eastern part of South Sudan, has stood the test of time.

The peace village is now reaching out to vulnerable children who no-longer access facilities of the Centre owing to COVID-19 lockdown measures put in place to contain the spread of the virus in the country.

Kuron Peace village is located in the remote Eastern Equatoria State where there is poor Internet connectivity and limited mobile communication access, according to the management of the peace village whose staff are now conducting physical visits to children’s homes to deliver to them learning materials.

“With Kuron settings, where there is no form of media and access to virtual communication, the early child care education caregivers resorted to mobile teaching in the villages. This is to help learners not to forget what they learnt,” the managers of Kuron explain in their newsletter.


They add, “The primary teachers are also involved in developing learning packages for children in different levels of primary school. These packages are sent to the children through the chiefs.”

Holy Trinity Peace Village, a place where the prelate harmonized people of different ethnicities to co-exist, was started in 2005 after the founder, Bishop Paride Taban, retired from the administration of the Catholic Diocese of Torit in 2004.

The facility has already embarked on peace, pastoral, educational and other development programs amid attempts by various stakeholders in the country to implement the revitalized agreement on the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS), which come at a time that the country is fighting inter-communal clashes and challenges of COVID-19 lockdown.

“The department of peace is ensuring that peace exists in the communities by having weekly meetings within the community of the eleven villages,” the management of the village say, adding, “This helps in controlling any problem, which might arise and cause fights among the communities.”

Also taking the advantage of peaceful co-existence as an evangelical conduit of development and new ideas, the 84-year-old Bishop instilled in the community the care for the environment by inspiring residents to plant trees in their villages.

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This special village has a success story on agroforestry to enhance local income for the people in peace villages and hence empower them to adopt perennial crops in their own plots.

“The establishment of Holy Trinity Peace Village has changed the lifestyle of the pastoralist communities,” the leadership of the institution notes in the newsletter shared with ACI Africa and adds, “Many have adapted to agriculture by growing crops and vegetables and fruit trees though in minimal scales.”