Church Leaders in South Sudan Appeal for Humanitarian Assistance in Flood-affected Areas

Heavy rain and severe flooding in South Sudan, last week have caused severe damage to camps for refugees and internally displaced persons. Thousands of people, such as this mother and her children, have been forced to seek higher ground.

Officials of the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) are, on behalf of Church leaders in the East-Central African nation, appealing for support to rescue the people affected by floods that continue to wreak havoc in the five states of the country.

“We the South Sudan Council of Churches leaders, working within these communities, appeal for humanitarian assistance to be expedited to communities currently without humanitarian assistance,” SSCC officials appeal in their collective letter signed by SSCC leaders including Archbishop Stephen Ameyu of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba.

In the letter, the Church representatives call on the global ecumenical Church, faith communities, international donors, private sector friends and those in diaspora to extend a hand and support a scale-up response in the states affected across the nine-year-old country.

“We estimate the five hundred thousand United States Dollars ($500,000) is required to respond to the unmet needs of 100,000 people in the most affected areas of Jonglei, Lakes, Upper Nile, Equatoria and Unity,” SSCC officials state.     

According to the leaders, 700,000 highly vulnerable people have been displaced by the worst floods that the country has experienced in 60 years, which have destroyed crops and livestock.


The ongoing conflict and inter-communal violence coupled with COVID-19 restrictions have hampered aid efforts in the flood affected areas in South Sudan, the representatives of the Church leaders in South Sudan say in their collective letter dated October 30 and circulated over the weekend.

They further say that the requested humanitarian assistance would cover provision of water, sanitation, health and nutrition, shelter, protection and food security, livelihoods and psychosocial support.

In the two-page letter titled, “call for Action,” the leaders of various churches in South Sudan who partner with the Caritas Group and other humanitarian task forces say, “Our long standing partnership means these organizations can jointly deliver support to affected populations.”

COVID-19, tribal conflicts, severe food insecurity, locusts and now devastating floods are the five crises that hit South Sudan in the year 2020.