Youth in South Sudan Commence Training “to respond to social issues” Affecting Communities

Bishop Edwardo Hiiboro Kusala of South Sudan's Tombura-Yambio Diocese with youth at the end of the five-day training on how to respond to social issues affecting their respective communities.

Over sixty youth in South Sudan’s Diocese of Tombura-Yambio have embarked on a five-day training that will see them get equipped with skills to solve social problems affecting young people in the East-Central African country.

Fr. Christy John, the Facilitator of the workshop from Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS), told the participants on Tuesday, November 3 that the event, which was organized by the Diocese’s youth office is also aimed at “building confidence in youth who will in turn respond to an invitation of transforming lives from social concerns among them.”

Addressing 63 Catholic youth in Tombura-Yambio Diocese, SSS official said, “We are either victims of perpetrators or sympathizers to the social issues affecting negatively the faith of the Christians.”

“We are inviting everyone, particularly the young people to contribute in rebuilding the faith of the faithful and also protect that faith,” said Fr. Christy.

The training, which has targeted youth working in the six deaneries of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio, covered social issues on the side of the family, community and the whole Republic of South Sudan, Fr. Christy said.


One of the participants, Uzana Patrick Zenu from Bagidi Parish in Central-Western Deanery expressed joy and acknowledged having acquired leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills among other skills.

“This training for us the youth has made us to be active members of the Church. I understand the workshop was not meant for the old people but the youth to be active and pass the message to their young people,” Uzana Patrick Zenu said.

He added, “When we come from this place, we will try to provide good examples to our fellow youth in this community.”

Speaking during the closing Holy Mass of the Youth Conference November 3, the Local Ordinary of Tombura-Yambio Diocese, Bishop Edwardo Hiiboro Kusala called upon youth leaders to be guided by their faith in the person of Jesus Christ in responding to challenges.

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“Our response to the challenges must be taken from the power of faith in Jesus Christ. The rest of the things do not matter,” said Bishop Hiiboro.

He added, “As the leaders of the Church, we are having this privilege to believe in our saviour, to put Him in the center of our lives. Always ask yourself, what is my purpose as the son or daughter of God?”

The South Sudanese Prelate appealed to all Christians to know their mission and purpose in Christ.