South Sudan’s Rumbek Diocese Trains Women on Peace and Reconciliation

Holy Family Cathedral in South Sudan's Diocese of Rumbek

South Sudan’s Catholic Diocese of Rumbek in collaboration with peace organizations in the country is realizing a training aimed to equip women in the East-Central African country with reconciliation and mediation skills to enable them prevent conflicts and promote peace in their respective communities.

The training, organizers have said, is in line with the mission of the Church in relation to building peace and reconciliation in the country.

Organized by Rumbek’s Justice and Peace Commission, the training that started Wednesday, February 10, has brought together some 48 women who are expected to share knowledge on the significance of peace and reconciliation in the East-Central African country.

In his opening address at the training scheduled to end on Sunday, February 14, the Coordinator of Rumbek Diocese, Fr. John Mathiang expressed his appreciation for the women’s participation, underscoring their significant role in reconciling community members in conflict.

He called upon the attendees to go back to their communities “full of the spirit of reconciliation to share” at the end of the training.


“When you go out from here and preach peace, know that peace is a gift from God; it is only a meaningful gift if there is somebody to receive it,” Fr. Mathiang said, addressing himself to the participants.

He added, “You are here in this training knowing that when you are back home, you will share with the rest what you have learned during this period in which you are here.”

Drawn from Tonj, Yirol, Cueibet and Wulu Parishes of Rumbek Diocese, the ongoing training seeks to equip women trainees with mediation and reconciliation skills to combat trivial communal differences.

The head of Rumbek Diocese’s women Centre, Sr. Esther Wambugha, believes that through the training, the participants will gain strength to carry out their duties responsibly.

“We are here to help women so that they lift up their dignity, and today is a special day that we have a workshop on peace and reconciliation for women leaders in our Churches to boost their knowledge,” Sr. Wambugha said.

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Addressing the women, the member of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary said, “As we bring up our children, give them moral values in our society, bring them up in a loving manner and teach them how to love people.”

“We need to end up in future having a good society with members being peaceful with their parents, neighbors, brothers and sisters,” Sr. Wambugha said, and added, “We are expecting in future to have a good society, a society in which people are able to reconcile with each other by dialogue whenever any misunderstanding arises.”

The Catholic Sister is optimistic that after the workshop, women will have effective ways of dealing with various situations and circumvent conflict in the society.