Pontifical Charity Pledges to Support Formators at Liberia’s Only Major Seminary

Saint Paul’s College in Gbarnga, the only seminary in Liberia?Credit: Aid to the Church in Need (ACN)

The leadership of the Catholic charity organization, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), is set offer Mass stipend to the Priests serving at Liberia’s only Major Seminary. 

In a Tuesday, June 15 report, ACN leadership says the Mass stipend will go a long way in meeting the needs of the formators at St. Paul’s College in Gbarnga who have fulltime responsibilities at the Catholic institution.  

“They are paid only a very paltry salary, and have no time to earn a little extra through other activities, such as serving in the parishes, since their work in nurturing the spiritual and intellectual growth of their students demands the fullest possible attention and commitment,” ACN officials say. 

They add that the formators are not only charged with the duty of equipping the Seminarians with the appropriate academic training to proclaim the Catholic faith, but also support and safeguard the students' spiritual and human development. 


“The quality of the formators in devoting their time and expertise to the spiritual and human growth of their seminarians, is an absolute precondition for the formation of good Catholic Priests who are vital for the nation,” ACN leadership says in the June 15 report.

Good Priests in the West African nation would have the ability to help Liberians find "true inner peace again, through faith in God and the Good News of Jesus Christ," ACN officials say, adding that good Priests help in contributing towards peace and reconciliation in the "wounded land."

Liberia experienced one of the deadliest civil wars in Africa from 1989 to 2003. 

In the June 15 report, the Secretary General of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Liberia (CABICOL), Fr. Dennis Nimene, says the people of God in the country are yet to recover from the violence. 

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“Even worse than the infrastructure was the destruction of our souls,” Fr. Nimene says in reference to the civil war.. 

In the report, ACN leadership says that the nation is also in need of Priests who will help the Catholic faithful "to deepen their faith and so avoid sliding into superstitious practices." 

42.5 percent of Liberians practice Christianity, Catholicism being the second most followed Christian faith.