New Graduate Nurses, Midwives in South Sudan Urged to Manifest Humility in Daily Duties

New graduate nurses and midwives from South Sudan's Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI). Credit: Courtesy Photo

New graduate nurses and midwives in South Sudan have been urged to manifest humility in their daily duties as they attend to patients.

Addressing graduating nurses and midwives of the Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI) July 1, the health institution under the auspices of Wau Diocese, the Local Ordinary, Bishop Matthew Remijio noted a deficit of the value of humility in the South Sudanese society.

“Show them (patients) humility in whatever you say, whatever you do, let it be accompanied by humility,” Bishop Remijio said, adding, “Humility is lacking in our society and sometimes even from within the Church.”

The South Sudanese Bishop further said, “If you go to the society to find a job without humility in it, you will not save anybody; you will not save lives, which means that all that you have learned is rubbished and you put it in a dustbin.”

The Wau-based Catholic health institute graduated 41 health personnel, among them 16 midwives and 25 nurses in a ceremony in which religious leaders, politicians and community leaders in Western Bhar el Ghazal state took part.


In his address to the new health personnel, the Local Ordinary of South Sudan’s Wau Diocese who doubles as the Apostolic Administrator of Rumbek Diocese also identified the deficiency of the value of being humane in the 10-year-old country saying, people “in various communities do not care about each other due to lack of humanity.”

“We are in a very new born country, even education is not so much but we put an attitude of being proud first and other aspects that will not help us to serve our society better,” Bishop Remijio said about South Sudan that remains the world’s newest nation.

As new graduates in the field of health, the member of the Comboni Missionaries said, “What people are expecting from you is to make a difference and I am sure you are ready to do that.”

He went on to advice the new health personnel to “forget pride and follow the ethics” they learned during the duration of their training at the Catholic institution.

“A health worker is like a gate that welcomes all people without discrimination,” Bishop Remijio told the graduating midwives and nurses.

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CHTI is one of the projects of the Catholic Church-based humanitarian alliance, Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS), “an initiative of  the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) and the Union of Superiors General (USG) … born in response to a request from the Catholic Bishops of Sudan (and South Sudan)” under the Sudan Catholic Bishops' Conference (SCBC). 

The Wau-based CHTI, SSS has posted on its website, “trains young South Sudanese men and women to be nurses and midwives. They will return to their communities and help build a more just and peaceful society through their compassion and care for the sick.”