Mother Angelica's Work Still Brings Inspiration and Conversion, Six Years after Her Death

Mother Angelica, foundress of EWTN. EWTN

The foundress of EWTN, Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, died six years ago, but her legacy lives on in the spiritual renewals that have resulted from the fruits of her work. 

She died March 27, 2016 - Easter Sunday - after a lengthy struggle with the aftereffects of a stroke. She was 92 years old.

Mother Angelica founded EWTN out of a garage in Alabama in 1981, and it has since become the largest religious media network in the world. Catholic News Agency is a service of EWTN.

Six years after her death, EWTN viewers are still sharing their stories of how Mother Angelica’s life and the network she founded continue to influence them. Here are some of those stories, edited for clarity: 

Daily Mass viewers


"EWTN has changed my life. I faithfully watch from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. every morning in Massachusetts. My father, who is 95-years-old, lives in Maine. We watch daily Mass together through FaceTime and we discuss our thoughts on the homily for the day, every day. I was lost for many years and felt unworthy. EWTN is the vehicle that has taught me to forgive and learn to love myself. The greatest blessing I have received is from EWTN. I now feel at peace, feel hope and I know that I am loved."

“I just wanted to acknowledge how your EWTN network has blessed me. I am not Catholic, but [it] does not matter, I am a Christian. I am shut in and I tape your 8 a.m. morning Mass and watch it at 11 p.m. instead of the news. I also enjoy Father [Mitch] Pacwa and his weekly show.”

EWTN in prison

"I'm 42 and was recently released from prison. You have no idea the impact you are making for those of us who were and are incarcerated. Your program is an excellent resource for all Catholics! When I couldn't watch EWTN on television, I would listen to the radio. I have reconnected with God and my faith and through your program. I have helped others by letting them know what resources to watch and listen to.  You have helped so many, you don't even realize! Archbishop Fulton Sheen is my favorite, as well as Fr. Spitzer's Universe, the rosary, and Divine Mercy. You have helped me and so many others grow in their faith and really turn their lives around that I even made my confirmation in prison! This feels so good to be able to share this with you! I'm walking by faith and will continue to help others through your program to see God's light…… this is why I donate.”

EWTN in schools

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I work as a substitute teacher and many times when the teacher leaves work for kids to do independently, I turn on EWTN on the school computers and keep closed captioning on so as not to bother the students and I can read the entire Mass and the Lord have mercy in Latin-all of it and obtain graces. So, thank you! I can’t wait to meet Mother Angelica in heaven one day. I went to Alabama in 2006 to the family celebration and she was supposed to be there but that was the beginning of her decline as they said she wouldn’t make it after all. I live in Arizona now and am eternally grateful for EWTN.

EWTN in RCIA classes

"EWTN is a valuable tool that brings back those who have lost their way and the spirit of listening to the call to seek Him. I have been praying for a long time for my husband to convert to the Catholic faith with me. I am happy to say that it is through your programming and listening to Sirius XM in the car that has called my husband to RCIA classes. Together we are taking RCIA classes and use your resources to further educate us. I am so grateful to EWTN and my answer to prayer that has brought my husband and I even closer. I will continue to donate because I want this light to keep burning…… to call others."

EWTN in the hospital

Several years ago, I was in the hospital with a serious respiratory infection. I found myself flipping through the channels on the television and came to EWTN and your show “Scripture and Tradition.” You and the Holy Spirit saved me that day. After listening to you I came back to the church after being gone for many years. I went to the local church, St. Lawrence, and joined immediately. Since then, I have been very faithful, including watching daily Mass on YouTube and praying the daily rosary. I also go to confession every first Saturday and attend Mass and sacramental communion … I also watch EWTN everyday, especially your show. Thank you for all that you do and for helping to save me. You are very special to me as I am hopeful that the Lord will take me to Heaven when I die because of your efforts. God bless you and give you the strength and energy to keep up your fabulous work. I will always pray for you.”


EWTN on the journey ‘home’

Just a quick email to say how much I enjoy listening to your program on EWTN ... it's terrific! I am a somewhat lapsed Catholic and am currently busy 'finding my way home'.... programs like yours (and others on EWTN) are helping me immensely. I'm so pleased to have stumbled across EWTN a few months ago and now I regularly tune-in (via satellite) to listen. I'm very impressed by your knowledge, Dr. David Anders, and you are great at explaining complicated things in a simple, readily understandable way. By the way, I also like the chap who helps you on the program, too. Thank you EWTN for bringing the word of God to us viewers.  We appreciate the way EWTN's programs bring peace and unity to us viewers in order to help in our life with the presence of the Lord. Through the virtues, we open our mind and heart, and learn our strengths and weaknesses. Our heart is with God, and we believe all the truths of the church. The programs on scripture and education teach us to learn more. Our heart is with God.  We serve God. The word of God is important. Thank you for televising this program and Catholic news about Vatican City and Pope Francis.

EWTN on the App Store

“I wanted to say that I am eternally grateful that EWTN has its own app. I don’t have to go to one of the million dollar apps like Youtube or Facebook to get my EWTN programming.”

EWTN becoming family

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"I'm 95-years-old. I have trouble falling asleep since my husband, Joseph, passed away 2 years ago. In January 2021, I scrolled through the television at midnight. I came across your channel and daily Mass. I was so inspired by Fr. Mark’s homily, that I have watched you all continuously 7 days a week because of his homily and how much it meant to me. I have grown to love you all and I just worry about the Friars. They are like my children, I love them so much. I am so thankful to have EWTN in my home. It is so hard being alone. You have become my family."

Joseph Bukuras is a staff writer at the Catholic News Agency. Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from The Catholic University of America. He has interned in the U.S. House of Representatives, on a U.S. Senate campaign, in the Massachusetts State House of Representatives, and at the Susan B. Anthony List. He is based out of the Boston area