Catholic Diocese in Eswatini Conducting Home Visits to Boost Participation in Synod

Official logo of the Synod on Synodality. Credit: Vatican Media

The team tasked with facilitating participation in the ongoing preparations for the Synod on Synodality in Eswatini’s Catholic Diocese of Manzini is conducting home visits to the people of God in the Diocese to encourage conversations on the Synod.

In a report shared on Tuesday, May 3, Ayanda Nkhambule who has been entrusted alongside others “to facilitate a smooth process of discernment for the people of God” within the Diocese highlights a number of programs that have been launched to drive the Synodal conversations, including surveys.

“The Synodal process has already begun in our Diocese. Various programs have been prepared to ensure that every member of the church participates. Currently, there is an online survey, where members of the church are encouraged to answer a few questions, as we reflect on the journey of faith thus far,” Ms. Nkhambule is quoted as saying. 

Explaining how the home visits on the Synod have been structured, Ms. Nkhambule says, “A group of people from our local parishes have been selected to form part of the synod teams. These people are expected to visit every Catholic home.”

During the home visits, families are requested to come together, and engage in discussion on various topics, through the guidance of the delegates from the synod teams.


In the report, the member of the Synod task force in the lone Catholic Diocese in Eswatini urges members of Catholic families to accord the team maximum cooperation during the home visits.

“We humbly request that every Catholic welcome delegates into their homes and actively participate in these discussions, because every voice counts,” Ms. Nkhambule says.

A platform has also been established for people living with disabilities in the Catholic Diocese to express themselves and be heard as they reflect on their journey of faith.

The task team is also planning to create a platform for Sodalities, Youth and Refugees to encourage participation in the Synod on Synodality, which Pope Francis announced last year.

In the report published May 3, Ms. Nkhambule encourages the people of God in the Diocese of Manzini to participate in the ongoing Synodal conversations on their respective platforms.

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She says, “Every Catholic is expected to voice out their opinion on the current status of the church and are called to discern the direction we are to take as we move forward.”

She explains that at the heart of the Synod on Synodality process, is the church which she says is “listening to one another and engaging in a dialogue, reflecting on the journey that has been made and discerning from the Holy Spirit the way we should go.”

“This synod is not just a gathering of a chosen group of people, for the purpose of engaging in various discussions but it is a spiritual journey that we need to undertake as a church, together in unity,” Ms. Nkhambule says.

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