Life Has to Continue after General Elections: Catholic Archbishop to Electorate in Kenya

Archbishop Philip Subira Anyolo of Nairobi Archdiocese. Credit: ADN

The Local Ordinary of Nairobi Archdiocese in Kenya has urged voters in the East African nation to be prepared to accept the outcome of the Tuesday, August 9 general elections because life has to continue after the polls.

In his message on the occasion of the imposition of the Pallium on him as the Local Ordinary of Nairobi Archdiocese on August 7, Archbishop Philip Subira Anyolo also urged political candidates “to accept the results”.

“I urge you to prepare to live beyond the 9th of August,” Archbishop Anyolo said, and added, “It is possible for the person you support to lose and the candidate you do not support to win or vice versa.”

The Kenyan Archbishop likened the election results to a sport where there must be a winner and a loser and encouraged those who will be elected to “extend a hand of goodwill” to their competitors, saying, “Everyone will be a winner. Kenya will be the winner. Kenyans will be the winners.”

“We pray that the winners will bring to fruition the promises they made for the good of our country,” he said.


“I urge all those who are seeking elective posts to accept the results. Moreover, for those who will not be elected, take it in stride,” the 66-year-old Archbishop said, and added, “There will be many other opportunities ahead. Losing is not the end.”

The Kenyan Archbishop who has been at the helm of the Archdiocese of Nairobi since November 2021 asked those dissatisfied with the outcome to “take the matter to the court”, reiterating the message of Kenya’s faith leaders during their joint prayer meeting with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) on August 3.

“If there will be any misunderstanding, kindly take the matter to the court for resolution. Let us be ready to embrace dialogue,” he said, and added, “Our constitution provides an avenue for seeking redress in court, through the filing of petitions.”

Archbishop Anyolo went on to encourage the Kenyan electorate to participate in the August 9 event as “a God-given opportunity to have your voice heard.”

“This is your opportunity to determine the kind of leaders who will govern our country and make critical policy and administrative decisions on our behalf for the next five years,” he said, adding that failure to vote “will be short-circuiting democracy. Not voting is not a sign of strength but a confirmation of surrender.”

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The Local Ordinary of Nairobi Archdiocese emphasized, “I urge you all to go out and vote peacefully and return home.”

In turning out to vote, “we have an opportunity to elect conscious, value-driven, honest, progressive-minded, and God-fearing leaders,” he said, and added, “We also have an opportunity to reject those who fan division, loot public resources, and advance retrogressive ideals. The choice is ours.”

“Let us vote peacefully. Let us be mindful of each other. Let us be our brothers and sisters’ keepers,” the Catholic Archbishop who started his Episcopal Ministry in Kenya’s Diocese of Kericho in February 1996 said, and cautioned Kenyans against incitement to violence.

Addressing himself to the media, Archbishop Anyolo underlined the need to strive to “set up suitable, authentic, and reliable systems in your task of providing correct information to the Kenyans” as a way of contributing to the country’s unity during the electioneering period.

“I call upon the media that is in charge of communication, and all those who will guide the electoral process, to reflect carefully on the greater good they can do to the nation’s cohesion,” he said during the event August 7 event, added, “Make your information to be full, consistent, accurate, and true … This will make Kenyans partners in the growth of peace and human race.”


Archbishop Anyolo urged IEBC officials to conduct the polls in accordance with the law and to do “everything possible to deliver a free, fair, credible, and verifiable election.”

He continued in reference to IEBC, “We urge the commission to facilitate a smooth electoral process that will make it easy for Kenyans to participate freely and systematically.”

To the security agencies, the Kenyan Archbishop said, “Do your best to keep the country safe and create an enabling environment for all Kenyans to participate in the elections without intimidation, blackmail or fear.”

Silas Mwale Isenjia is a Kenyan journalist with a great zeal and interest for Catholic Church related communication. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics, Media and Communication from Moi University in Kenya. Silas has vast experience in the Media production industry. He currently works as a Journalist for ACI Africa.