South Sudanese Cleric Involved in Priests’ Formation Eulogized as “formidable leader”

Late Fr. Caesar Samuele Lukudu Jombi. Credit: Courtesy Photo

Fr. Caesar Samuele Lukudu Jombi, the late South Sudanese Catholic Priest who served as a formator has been eulogized as a “formidable leader”.

On September 3, the leadership of the Archdiocese of Juba announced “with deep sorrow the passing on of Rev. Fr. Dr. Caesar Lukudu Jömbi which occurred at St. Kizito Medical Center.” 

In a condolence message addressed to the Archbishop Stephen Ameyu Martin of Juba Archdiocese, Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala expressed his appreciation for the ministry of the late Fr. Lukudu, saying, “With trust in Divine Mercy he carried out this work as father to the Priests and to the faithful entrusted to his care.”

Fr. Lukudu, Bishop Hiiboro said, “Carried out his mission zealously as pastor, professor, and rector.”

“Rev Dr Lukudu is a sincere formidable leader and right to say he has not died,” the local Ordinary of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio (CDTY) said.


He continued, “Archbishop Didi of Khartoum, Bishop Trile of Elobeid, Bishop Stephen Nyodoth of Malakal, Archbishop Ameyu of Juba, Bishop Santo Pio Auxiliary of Juba, Bishop Alex Lodiongo of Yei and myself of Tombura-Yambio are all his students and hundreds of priests and religious plus a sea of professionals of all walks of life in South Sudan and East Africa! So, Dr. Lukudu will live on.”

“He guided the Church in the Sudan and South Sudan through his formation work in the difficult period of political and social transformation, with wisdom, with a healthy detachment from reality, promoting respect for each person, for the good of the community of the Church, and above all keeping faith alive in the hearts of humankind,” the 58-year-old South Sudanese Catholic Bishop eulogized the late Priest. 

Bishop Hiiboro who has been at the helm of CDTY since his Episcopal Ordination in June 2008 expressed his awareness of the challenges Fr. Lukudu has had and the positive attitude he exemplified. He said, “In the last phase of life, he was greatly tried by suffering which he accepted with peace of mind.”

“Even in this trial he remained a faithful witness to trust in the goodness and the mercy of God,” Bishop Hiiboro said about the late member of the Clergy of Juba Archdiocese, and implored, “He will thus remain in my memory and prayers. May the Lord welcome him into his glory.”

On September 8, the Auxiliary Bishop of Juba Archdiocese urged Seminarians in the South Sudanese only Metropolitan See to emulate the late Catholic Priest.

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In his homily during the Requiem Mass for the Soul of late Fr. Lukudu at St. Theresa Cathedral of Juba Archdiocese, Bishop Santo Loku Pio Doggale said, “We have lost a great formatter and I urge the Seminarians to emulate him because he has shown so many ways to us in the Church.”

Ordained a Priest in December 1968, the late Fr. Lukudu served as Rector Magnificus/Vice Chancellor of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) in Nairobi Kenya from 1996-2002.

In their condolence message published Monday, September 12, the National Salvation Front (NAS) officials say that following the death of Fr. Lukudu, “South Sudan has lost a very gifted, resourceful, and patriotic son at a time she needed him most”

“Late Rev. Lukudu Caesar was a dedicated Christian who stood with the church and the people of South Sudan at difficult times,” NAS officials say, adding, “He was very dynamic, skillful, patriotic and a gifted man of God.”

As a priest and teacher, NAS officials say, “Rev. Lukudu Caesar inspired thousands by his selflessness, courage and spirit of love.”


“The people of South Sudan, the Catholic Church, his friends and indeed his family and relatives have lost a resourceful person at the time we needed his services most,” they emphasize. 

NAS officials implore, “We pray to the Almighty God to grant him mercy in his final journey. May his legacy and memories continue to shine and live on inspiring others.”

Some South Sudanese have expressed sadness following the passing on of Fr. Lukudu.

“Catholic Church in Sudan and South Sudan has lost a great educator and scholar,” Francis Chan says in a Facebook post, adding, “Rest in eternity Father Caesar. Have done your best educating the future of the church and Priests of faith.”

“Condolences to the Catholic Church in Juba for the loss of our beloved Rev Fr. Dr. Caesar Lukudu. Our hearts are broken because we lost a good man. we believe you are with your father in heaven,” Richardo Felix says in another post.

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