“Solidarity with South Sudan” Seeking to Recruit Rome-Based Mission Promoter

A Poster of Solidarity with South Sudan

The collaborative association comprising men and women religious institutes and members of the Unions of Superiors General (USG) in partnership with the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SCBC) known as Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS) is seeking to engage a new Rome-based personnel to facilitate the flow of information between the various religious orders and the officials in South Sudan capital, Juba.

In an interview with ACI Africa correspondent in Juba Tuesday, January 14, the Executive Director of SSS, Fr. Jim Greene gave details about the Rome office, which has been vacant since November 2018.

The Rome-based mission promotor has the function of maintaining links “with all Catholic congregations in association with us and link us with the Vatican, with the local churches in Italy,” Fr. Greene who heads SSS with collaborators as “Solidarity Management Team” in Juba said.

It is a liaison office that facilitates the engagement between other Church organizations with the Juba-based SSS whose mission is “to create self-sustainable educational, health and pastoral institutions and programs that will help to empower South Sudanese people to build a just and peaceful society.”

“As the Executive Director based here in Juba, we do need to keep our connection with the wider Church, and particularly religious congregations based mainly in Rome,” Fr. Greene, an Irish Missionary of Africa cleric, told ACI Africa correspondent.


“We had a sister based in Rome, who was doing that role, and it was very successful in maintaining these links with congregations and local church groups in Rome,” the head of SSS recalled and added in reference to the office his organization is seeking to fill, “This department has been there from the start and we consider it very important.”

“Our expectation is that this person will help not only the congregations based in Rome but also all the congregations based in East and central Africa, to be able to build up contacts and connections as well,” Fr. Greene who was engaged in parish apostolate as a missionary in the southern Africa nation of Malawi for over 10 years disclosed.

Speaking about the person to be recruited, the former General Councillor of the Missionaries of Africa explained, “This is a Rome-based position; it is restricted to Catholic religious, men or women, either priests, sisters or brothers.”

The candidate will be required to have not only a visa but also a work permit, Fr. Greene said, adding that the “position is (open) to any nationality.”

“We are hoping that we get a non-European, because Solidarity with South Sudan if you look at our personnel here in South Sudan, we are from the four continents,” he further said, referencing the various SSS personnel that hail from “Europe, North America, South America and Asia, India, New Zealand and Australia.”

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He emphasized, “If we can get a non-Italian, a non-European, would be so much better.”

The Juba-based Missionary of Africa provided to ACI Africa as the email contact for "any inquiries and/or applications for the position of mission promoter."