Salesian Entity Launches “emergency relief appeal” to Address Horn of Africa Food Crisis

Salesians launch emergency appeal for displaced Africans. Credit: Salesian Missions

Salesian Missions Australia, the development arm of the Religious Institute of the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) in the Oceania country, has launched an appeal for food supplies in view of reaching out to the needy in the Horn of Africa nations amid “food shortages and unrest”.

A Monday, December 5 report indicates that “Salesian Missions Australia has launched an emergency relief appeal for food relief to help support Salesian programs in the Horn of Africa.”

Officials of the SDB entity further indicate that “Salesians have been providing access to food relief, education, necessities, and agriculture programs, especially in the wake of food shortages and unrest in the region.”

The increase in food crisis in both the Horn of Africa and the central region is caused by conflicts that have led to the rise in the number of Internally Displaced People (IDPs), they further say in the report.

In Ethiopia’s Tigray region, SDB officials say that “Salesian missionaries are distributing food to more than 3,000 families while also repairing damaged schools and churches that currently house many families.”


In the Central African region, they say that conflicts in Goma, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), have displaced thousands of people who have in turn flooded the Congolese city in search of shelter.

In the December 5 report, the Salesian officials also speak about Palabek Refugee Resettlement Camp in Uganda where they run “many educational and social programs”.

“With decreasing food rations available from the World Food Program, Salesians have been working through food distribution and agriculture programs to increase the food availability for those in the camp,” they say.

The officials say that Fr Ubaldino Andrade, rector of the Salesian community in the camp, has “established 25 farming groups, involving 1,250 people who attend to over 92 acres of maize, soybeans, and sunflowers.”

“While maize is a diet staple of the people at Palabek, it cannot be consumed without processing. Salesian Missions Australia has purchased a maize huller and maize miller, which are vital in aiding the food crisis,” the officials add.

More in Africa

On his part, Fr. Ubaldino is quoted as saying, “The agriculture groups are very important because they enable those involved to contribute to their families, supplement food rations, and restore dignity.”

The officials also reflect on projects in Juba, South Sudan, and say that thousands of children are benefiting from Salesian-run schools. 

They say that besides education, Salesians are providing women’s programs and sports programs for children in the country.

“Salesians in Australia and around the globe will continue to monitor the growing crisis in the region and work to address it through food aid, other supplies, and direct donations,” officials of Salesian missions say in the December 5 report in reference to the Horn of Africa countries.

Silas Mwale Isenjia is a Kenyan journalist with a great zeal and interest for Catholic Church related communication. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics, Media and Communication from Moi University in Kenya. Silas has vast experience in the Media production industry. He currently works as a Journalist for ACI Africa.