Malawi Bishops Call for “reflective moments” ahead of Small Christian Communities Jubilee

A meeting of Small Christian Communities (SCCs) in the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA) region. Credit: Meru Diocese

Members of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) are calling for “reflective moments” during the yearlong Golden Jubilee celebrations of the model of being church through Small Christian Communities (SCCs) in the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA) region.

“As we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of SCCs, I invite everyone to engage in reflective moments," ECM Secretary General, Fr. Alfred Chaima, says in a statement about the event to be launched on August 20 in all Catholic Dioceses of Malawi, and conclude in July 2024.

In the statement dated Wednesday, July 5, Fr. Chaima calls upon Catholics to "evaluate the impact, successes and challenges facing SCCs in Malawi, review the guidelines for SCCs, considering the current signs of the times and take a census of how many SCCs we have and its population in each Parish and Diocese.”

“The celebration will be accompanied by two significant items available for sale: a commemorative cloth and a booklet,” he says about the event to be celebrated under the theme, “Small Christian Communities: 50 Years of Building the Church as the Family of God in the AMECEA region.”

The SCCs Golden Jubilee celebrations, ECM Secretary General says, aim to highlight four fundamental characteristics of the model of being church, which include Bible-centeredness, the communion of the people, having outreach to the people, and promoting the principle of subsidiarity.


“Let us commemorate the Golden Jubilee of SCCs and make it a memorable and impactful celebration,” Fr. Chaima says, and implores, “May Our Lord Jesus Christ guide and protect his Church and his people, now and always.”

The history of SCCs dates back to December 1973 when AMECEA members took up the initiative as “a new way of being a Church in the region.”

The initiative that was adopted during the 5th AMECEA Plenary Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, aimed at building “a truly local church by promoting communion and the participation of all the faithful in the life and mission of the Church,” he says.

In the July 5 statement, the Malawian Catholic Priest describes the year 2023 as marking “a significant milestone” in the AMECEA region.

“The AMECEA Region is enthusiastic about honoring this achievement as an event and a comprehensive process involving strategic activities across all AMECEA member conferences,” Fr. Chaima says.

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