Catholic Bishop in Angola Calls for Collective Action to Curb Illegal Migration

Bishop Vicente Carlos Kiaziku of Angola’s Mbanza Congo Diocese. Credit: Radio Ecclesia

Bishop Vicente Carlos Kiaziku of Angola’s Mbanza Congo Diocese has called for collection action in curbing migration, a phenomenon he describes as “complex”, requiring careful analysis.

In his September 24 homily during Holy Mass organized to mark the 109th World Day for Migration and Refugees (WDMR), Bishop Kiaziku said, “The phenomenon of migration is very complex and requires a careful analysis of all the aspects that characterize the different stages of the migratory experience, from departure to arrival, including a possible return.”

“We all need to work to ensure that this phenomenon stops as soon as possible, or at least doesn't become as dramatic as it is,” the Angolan Bishop said.

To curb illegal migration, the Catholic Bishop advocated for the creation of better conditions for everyone in the countries where there is this migratory flow. “It's a responsibility… especially for the locals, but it's also a responsibility for other countries, who have often come here to get the riches to live well, to live large and French-style, as they say, leaving other peoples in misery,” Bishop Kiaziku said.

He lamented that many Angolans are looking for any available opportunity to leave the country, adding, “We wonder why there is all this interest.”


The member of the Order of Friars Minor (OFM) urged Angolan society to take responsibility for the exodus of Angolans out of the country. 

“The first responsibility is ours, the locals, and speaking of Angola, certainly all of us, to reflect on this phenomenon, but in particular, our leaders, the ruling and opposition parties should reflect, but why at a time of peace do many Angolans want to leave the country,” he said.

 “The responsibility for working to stop the flow of migrants from Africa to other continents does not lie with Africans, but above all with the countries that exploit Africa's wealth to live well in their own countries and leave Africans in misery,” the Catholic Church leader said.

João Vissesse contributed to the writing of this story

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