“Be faithful and zealous”: Catholic Bishop in Angola to Newly Ordained Priests

Fathers Domingos Filipe Isildo, Dário Bento Caxicula Francisca and Evaristo Rubem Econgo ordained 24 September 2023. Credit: Caxito Catholic News

Bishop Maurício Agostinho Camuto of Caxito Diocese in Angola has challenged the three Deacons he ordained to the Priesthood on September 24 to be “faithful and zealous” in their ministry.

In his September 24 homily during the ordination of Deacons Domingos Filipe Isildo, Dário Bento Caxicula Francisca and Evaristo Rubem Econgo, Bishop Camuto said, “The priesthood is a service to God for our brothers and sisters.”

He added, during the Eucharistic celebration at Good Shepherd Kicolo Parish of Caxito Diocese, “Do not seek your own interests, but those of Jesus Christ. As you exercise the ministry of Christ, Head of the body of the Church and Shepherd of the people, seek to gather the faithful into one family, so that you can lead them to God the Father, through Christ in the Holy Spirit. United and attentive to the Bishop.”

Credit: Caxito Catholic News

“Always keep before you the example of the Good Shepherd, who came not to be served, but to serve and to seek and save that which was lost. Put your life at the service of your brothers and sisters,” Bishop Camuto said.


The Angolan member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CSSp.), also known as the Spiritans said, “The Priesthood should not be understood as a promotion or social advancement, as we are often tempted to think.”

“The Priest is a minister of God, a minister of the Church, a minister of the Word,” he added.

The Local Ordinary of Caxito explained “The word minister means servant, one who serves others, one who puts his life at the service of others, at the service of his brothers and sisters, and not one who commands or exercises dominion over others.”

“Dear young people, this is the mission you will take on in Christ's Church from now on,” the Angolan Catholic Bishop said.

Credit: Caxito Catholic News

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Bishop Camuto called on the faithful to pray for the new Priests and for the Lord to “raise up in our midst, in our Church, in our diocese younger men and women who will listen to the voice of the Lord and embrace the priestly and religious life.”

“Let us entrust them to the protection and protection of the Virgin Mother, so that their ministry may be filled with God's grace and that they may be priests after God's own heart,” implored the Bishop of Caxito.

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