Catholic Parishes of Nigerian Diocese “under attack” amid Rise in Vocations to Priesthood

Bishop Julius Yakubu Kundi of Nigeria’s Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan. Credit: ACI Africa

The Bishop of Nigeria’s Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan has decried the persistent security challenges in his Episcopal See, which he says have continued for over 20 years, with many parishes subjected to attacks and being “under siege”. 

In a Tuesday, October 24 interview with ACI Africa, Bishop Julius Yakubu Kundi said that despite insecurity, his Diocese has been “blessed with the gift of vocations” to the Priesthood, an indication, he says, that “God has not abandoned us”.

“For over two decades now, we have been struggling with insecurities ranging from Boko haram, herdsmen attacks and banditry.”

“Even up till now, we are not yet out of the woods because so many of my parishes are still under attack and under siege,” Bishop Kundi lamented.

He went on to highlight the effects of the insecurity, saying, “Many farmers who have gone to farm could not go back to that same farm to harvest their crops because of insecurity. There is looming hunger in southern Kaduna.”


“We are traumatized; we have lost our joy as a people; the only consolation we have now is the joy that we belong to God and God will never abandon us,” the Local Ordinary of Kafanchan said during the October 24 interview.

He added, “That is why any opportunity like this is given to us, we want to speak it out so that whoever is listening to us, whoever that can help us come out of this, please let him or her help us.”

“We need peace and we are a loving people; we are not trained for war; we delight in having visitors in our midst but we are still not at peace because many communities are constantly being harassed and attacked and burnt down. That is our plight today,” Bishop Kundi said, 

Despite the security challenges, the 54-year-old Catholic Bishop said that candidates to the Priesthood had increased in number. 

“Our lives are not that of lamentation because God keeps blessing us with vocations. This year we have over hundred young people who brought themselves wanting to be trained as Priests,” the Nigerian Catholic Church leader said.

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He added, “We have to turn down some of them because we don’t have the resources to train them.”

“This is another pointer to the fact that God has not abandoned us because we have that faith that we will pick up strongly and we are going to saturate the whole of southern Kaduna with Priests since Kafanchan diocese is blessed with the gift of vocations,” Bishop Kundi who has been at the helm of Kafanchan Diocese since his Episcopal Consecration in February 2020 said.

He continued, “In the last few years of me being the Bishop of Kafanchan diocese, I have ordained 55 Priests and I have created 20 parishes and I hope to create more Parishes.”

“It is a vow that we have made, both the Clergy and the Laity working together we will achieve this. Let's saturate the whole region with the people of God as a response to the hostility and to the harassment,” the Catholic Bishop said.

He added, “The human family is under siege; the human family is under attack; we are in a war with ourselves; people are traumatized. It is the responsibility of the church to bring solace to the people, news of healing, news of forgiveness and of course news of peace.”


“I am here using this privilege to talk to Nigerians to pray with us and to support us in Kafanchan Diocese,” the Local Ordinary of the Nigerian Catholic Diocese told ACI Africa October 24.

Abah Anthony John is a Nigerian Journalist with great enthusiasm and interest for Catholic Church Communication and Media Apostolate. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from Benue State University, Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria. He has vast experience in Print,  Electronic and Multi-Media Production.