Nigeria’s National Peace Committee Calls for “free, fair processes” Ahead of Repeat Poll

Logo National Peace Committee (NPC) in Nigeria. Credit: NPC

Members of the  National Peace Committee (NPC) in Nigeria, among them some Catholic Bishops, are calling for “free and fair processes” ahead of Gubernatorial polls in three of the country’s States.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of Nigeria declared Saturday, November 11 the scheduled date for the redo of gubernatorial elections in Bayelsa, Kogi, and Imo States. This decision follows the tainted results of the elections held on March 18 due to widespread electoral irregularities.

In a statement obtained by ACI Africa Friday, November 3, NPC members who include Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah of Nigeria’s Sokoto Diocese and John Cardinal Onaiyekan have emphasized the need for peaceful participation, truthfulness, and unity in the upcoming elections.

“The forthcoming off-cycle governorship elections should exemplify our commitment to free and fair processes and the principle of one person, one vote,” NPC members say in the one-page statement.

Emphasizing the committee’s commitment to peace and the sanctity of elections in the country, the members add, “Nigeria's democratic journey is marked by significant milestones and unwavering commitment to democratic values by its citizens.”


The members of the entity which was conceptualized in 2014 to respond to emerging threats occasioned by the 2015 general elections urge Nigerians to embrace the diversity of cultures, languages, and traditions before, during, and after the elections as a form of fostering unity.

“This diversity is our strength, reflecting our resilience and unity. Let us celebrate this diversity and ensure every voice is valued and respected,” they say.

The NPC members have further warned about fake news which they say undermines electoral integrity and trust in democracy. They say, “In the digital age, information is abundant but must be verified for its genuineness. Voters, be discerning and critical.”

“Violence has no place in democracy. We condemn all forms of violence and urge all stakeholders to embrace peace. Democracy thrives on peaceful participation,” they say, urging political parties, electoral agencies, and key stakeholders to fulfill their responsibilities in line with the law.

In the statement, NPC members also call upon eligible voters to turn out in large numbers and vote on the material day, saying that their voice and a better future lies in their votes.

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