Emulate Pioneer Members’ “virtuous examples”: Kenyan Archbishop to Precious Blood Sisters

A poster announcing 125 years of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood (CPS) in Eastern Africa. Credit: CPS Facebook page.

Members of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood (CPS) of the Eastern Africa Province have been called upon to look to their members, who pioneered their service in the African region for inspiration. 

In his Friday, December 15 homily on the occasion marking 125 years of the presence of CPS members in Eastern Africa, Archbishop Philip Anyolo Subira of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi acknowledged with appreciation the Sisters’ teaching ministry.

“Search among the pioneers for saints – those who have departed and gone to the Lord. Find inspiration from their exemplary lives, and strive to emulate their virtuous examples,” Archbishop Anyolo said during the event that was held at the CPS Rituta Convent, Nairobi. 

He recognized the ministry of CPS members in his Metropolitan See and across the Eastern Africa region, saying, “Your 125 years of service calls for thanksgiving to God in an exceptional way.”

Pioneer members of the CPS entered East Africa through Tanzania in 1898, with a goal of assisting Trappists, especially in educating women, girls, and children. The Trappists had arrived in Gare in Tanzania’s Tanga Diocese in 1897.


CPS members later widened their presence in East Africa to Kenya, which became part of the Eastern Africa province.

In his December 15 homily, Archbishop Anyolo went on to reflect on the ministry of CPS members in Kenya, saying, “These Precious Blood Sisters are great teachers; in this country, they have done a lot of things; they have taught generations, and they have successfully done that.”

The Archbishop who has been at the helm of Nairobi Archdiocese since November 2021 said that the impact of CPS members extends to the youth who he said have been enabled “to be precious and gracious in their way of thinking.”

“Every little thing you have done in these 125 years is worthy before the Lord as long as you did it with your clear mind and the God Himself will reward you,” he further said during the anniversary event in which four CPS members made their perpetual profession.

Addressing himself to the four CPS members, Archbishop Anyolo underscored the need to pay keen attention to the way of life, regardless of context. 

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“As Jesus made Mary ponder over His actions in her heart after the presentation, you are going to do the same to your families,” said the Kenyan Catholic Church leader, who started his Episcopal Ministry in February 1996 as Bishop of Kenya’s Kericho Diocese.

He added, “Being the sacrament like Jesus Christ Himself, you will enter into the lives of the people, their meaning, their attitudes, and their sense of life by the way you live and interact with them.”

Archbishop Anyolo continued, “As you go out there, do not be afraid, because your vows which are now the pillars of your new life in relationship to the communities you are going to live in will guide you.”

He went on to caution the four CPS members against the appetite for material possessions, and emphasized the need to rely on the province of God. 

“Be courageous and serve the lord with your mind, your heart and strength, so that you think well, speak well, and act well,” he said, and added, “This will enable you to build your communal and community life.”


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